New Customization possibilities at Netvibes


Finally Netvibes has increased the possibilities of customization of the Netvibes page.

As announced in their Eco Blog, we will be able :

1) to choose between 14 predefinite Themes

2) to create our own Theme by using the new "theme creator". Located in the new "Custom theme" tab of the themes section, it will allow you to create an infinite number of variants by changing the color.

3) to use Wallpapers
Go to your "Settings" panel and you will notice a new entry in the options list: "Wallpapers". This new option will let you change the background image for the header and the module area.
There is a selection of Netvibes images to choose from but there is more: you can grab pictures directly from flickr, myspace, twitter or choose a background color !

And for those of you who like things to be pixel perfect, Netvibes included options for alignment, text color and more.

Let's try it all!