Check your own Netvibes Active User ID number


In the comments of my post concerning the 7 million users claimed by Netvibes,
Webmonkian said...
if you clear your cookies and go to netvibes and then look at your cookies you can see how many 'users' netvibes has.

So I did it! (Thanks Webmonkian!)

I looked for my "netvibes" cookie , I read it with Notepad and I saw the
userID that seems to be to Total Registred Users of Netvibes. This number went up and down 7.000.000 (ex: 7.041.021 or 7.927.351) and is in line with the 7 mln users claimed by Chappaz in my other post.

But I saw also the activeuserID, a number that did not change even by changing PC and erasing the cookies. It is my own user ID and this Active user ID is in the 3.700.000 range probably related with my registration in mid November 2006.

1) why the userID changes so much (900.000 in a few hours) ?
2) are the activeUserID related to date of registration or to another event?

Wait and see...


JesusDQ said...

I think you are right in the second afirmation... I signed on September 15, 2005 (when Netvibes started officially) and my active user id is around the 500 first.

Actually, I seem to remember that Netvibes didn't have a registration system at the first months... but the original cookie registred in septembrer 15 with my feeds still alive until Netvibes had the registration system.

P.D: sorry, my englis is too bad.
(I understand, but I don't express as I like)
P.P.D: the first photo in Flickr with the tag Netvibes is mine!! :D

Netviber001 said...

Hi JesusDQ,

Thanks for your comment.
DO you remenber if the Netvibes at the time had a name ? it was not Coriander ...

JesusDQ said...

No, I don't remember if Netvibes had a codename previous to Coriander... I think it was simply Netvibes.