WHO is behind Netvibes_part5


this is part 5 of a discussion about the Top Managent of Netvibes that started here .

8) Stefan LECHERE , VP, European Biz Dev, French, thirty someting.

From Fred Mini, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Netvibes, own Blog, we know that Stefan will be in charge of Business Development in Europe.

Stefan joined Google in early 2004 with responsibility for AdSense partnerships in France then he was Strategic Partner Development Manager of Google Video. He had previously been business development manager for the portal activities of Club-internet / T-Online France. Stefan began his online career with Lagardere Group - Hachette in 1999, prior to which he worked at L'Oreal as an international product manager.

Here an Interview (in French) with Stefan when he was working for Google.

to be continued (Part6)


10 things I want from my HOMEPAGE (update 070418)


here in BOLD, the Updates I made after the new Universe Upgrade (see point 10) and the new Coriander Version.
Have any suggestion ?

I wanted to list here what I really want from my PERSONALIZED HOMEPAGE and I will rate how my Netvibes Home page complies today April 18 2007 (from 10= perfect to 0=not at all). Let's go: I WANT MY PERSONALIZED HOME PAGE TO...

  2. SHOW THE NEWS FEEDS I choose with details or not, with pics or not, with direct links or not, with immediate preview, mixing different feeds, in a small space (Netvibes =10)
  3. SHOW MY CALENDAR DIRECLTY with the choice of a Montly, Weekly and daily view, and the possibility to present multiple calendars in just one space with different colours. (Netvibes= 4 , I need to embed the Google Calendar, but I have to login in first to see it on my Netvibes. Problems with colours and sizes).
  4. TAKE NOTES with a choice with Font sizes, Style and Coulours. Http links should open directly in an external page. (Netvibes =7 with the webnote module, ok for links, some new editing choice, but only for all note. I would prefer a WYSIWYG text editor .)
  5. SEARCH every Search Engine available. Ideal would be possibility to integrate the results in just one space . (Netvibes =9 almost every thing is there)
  6. SHOW JUST THE PIECE I WANT OF ANOTHER WAB PAGE that is not possible to import (like a webcam, a personalized Ebay search,... (Netvibes =3, with external modules, I am only able to have the Upper Left corner of a web page and I have to navigate. Protopage with their "Web Page Widget" has a module that rates 10).
  7. CHOOSE MY COLOURS, MY N° OF COLUMNS, MY SIZES, MY FONTS, MY BACKGROUND PICTURE (Netvibes =8, a lot of improvement. Backgroung Image still missing)
  8. IMPORT EASILY TESTED API (Netvibes =5, good choice of API but no test before submitting them to users)
  9. SHARE ALL OR SOME PART OF MY PAGE with friends, family, colleaugues (Netvibes=7 as now I can share feeds, notes, tabs... 10 will come with the My personal Universe page )
  10. BE SECURE and RELIABLE . Secure from external attacks and reliable in time and space, with no service interruptions, full availability and backup possibilities (Netvibes=5 , nothing changed).

Those are the ten points that at the moment I can think are the most important for me and Netvibes rates 65 points over 100 ! An Improvement of 15 points in a month !! +30% !!


Future improvements are needed on the "professional side: calendars, notes,..." as they will increase productivity.

All that to say that I stick to Netvibes.


Complaints for Too Long Upgrade


as many others, myself and a lot of Netvibers are complaining on the Netvibes Blog for not being able to access their personalized Homepage: Netivibes is now down fore more than 9 hours !!!

Could a solution come from the use of one of the 19 mirror Netivibes URL that could be work like a Google Cache version of our own Netvibes Page?

Wait and see

Already 126 Universes available at Netvibes


You can check here the 126 Universes already available on Netvibes.

you can choose from:


In a few days I will publish my NETVIBER EXPERIENCE UNIVERSE...
Have ideas or suggestions ?

Netvibes Universes still charging


New announcement "Posted by Tariq KRIM April 17, 2007 at 09:41 AM

We thought that you would love our universes but we didn't expect such a success !
Due to the traffic, we are currently upgrading our servers. We are working hard to get your netvibes pages and universe up and running.
Thanks for your patience."

Future Business Revenues for Netvibes


The Branded Universes step by Netvibes, is in line with what Tariq Krim announced back in 2006 and that I have reported here concerning the Business Model of Netvibes.

"... Netvibes was going to try to get distribution deals with big media companies to have branded personalized homepages. That sounds like a promising business, but skepticism prevails. "

Well done Tariq ! You did what you said !

Netvibes is Charging the new NETVIBES UNIVERSES


Since April 17, 2007 at 01:29 AM, Netvibes is charging their new: NETVIBES UNIVERSES and thet is what I see on my Netvibes page:
"We are currently upgrading our server infrastructure to serve you better, please come back later.
Check the blog for more details"

In their Blog, Tariq Krim, the CEO, is announcing many new improvements even after the Coriander version: the NETVIBES UNIVERSE concept.

"Soon, every single Netvibes user will be able to create a personal Netvibes Universe, that is, a Netvibes page that you can build using the content and widgets that you want -- and make it available to the world at large."

That will give you:

1) The possibility to Share a Netvibes page with others (as I was asking in my 10 things I want from my home page)
Netvibes users will soon have two pages for every account: a private page, where you subscribe to all the content for your personal, everyday use, and a public page, where you can allow others to access your favorite content -- everything that you love on the web.

2) Access a selection new Branded Universes
More than a hundred special Netvibes Universe pages will be available trough partnership with leading content publishers to create official Universes for some of your favorite musicians and media outlets.
Other Universes are on the way, and Netvibes asks for your advice.

Well let's wait and see...