If Netvibes can not stop clones then only Content is left.


To continue my series on Netvibes Clones, here is another Netvibes look-alike: MEVOU.
It looks like Netvibes in the version previous the last Coriander Update. But everything is there and seems to work: widgets, weather, clock . Of course the Netvibes Ecosystem is missing but the rest is there with a small feed directory and the principal applications.

As, ReadWriteWeb wrote: " The barrier for entry in getting into this hot area has never been lower than now"
So, If Netvibes can not stop clones to come to the surface the only solution for them to survive is Content.

But what surprises me is the lack of reaction from Netvibes Managers.

Let's take FRANCK MAHON , Lead Product Manager or Hubert MICHAUX, Marketing Manager we never ear from them. Only Tariq KRIM , the founder and CE0 speaks for Netvibes.
But the Content subject seems more and more confused not to speak about an Exclusive content.


Another Request for a Clone of Netvibes


again on Netvibes Clones, I just read this offer :

"We need an exact clone of www.netvibes.com
we need all the same features and the same AJAX interface and the same everything.
We need the modules that they offer and also the netvibes ecosystem where users can add their modules to the ecosystem.
We need an exact clone in no more than 15 days delivered to us.






Price offered is... 100-300 $ and is an auction! Netvibers lawyers will work hard this summer...

Want a clone of Netvibes for US$399 ?


Again reading my stats for this blog, I noticed a search on Google for : scripts netvibes clone.

And here is what I found on the ALSTRASOFT page:

"AJAX DeskTop StartPage Enterprise is our latest range of web 2.0 AJAX based application that allows you to start your very own personal start page service just like Netvibes.com, iGoogle & PageFlakes.com."

"StartPage Enterprise also features a unique "Drag and Drop" interface that allows your users to easily add or remove widgets from their pages making it truly a simple to use and fun tool for all your web users."

And the cost ? Well ... just US$399 for AJAX DeskTop StartPage Enterprise (Single license + 1 year updates)

If Netvibes has copyright or Marketing skills here is a new source of revenues.

By the way, Alstrasoft has many customers complaining: just read this Alstrasoft Nightmares page and this one...

Netvibes in interesting Web Trend Graph.


on the Blog of Freddy Mini I found this interesting graph about WEB TRENDS.
Netvibes is marked 2.0 when Facebook, Wordpress, Wikipedia are already 2.5.

How to prepare a trip to London (UK) with Netvibes


Let's assume I want to prepare a trip , say, to: LONDON, UK. How can Netvibes help me?
(Here is what I wrote about "Travel with Netvibes ")

If I know well Netvibes, I will do:

1) First, I select local content in SETTINGS/ LOCAL CONTENT/EUROPE/ UNITED KINGDOM
2) Then I must go to the ADD CONTENT/ FEEDS/ FEATURED FEEDS. There I have a selection of 12 Feeds on UK in general , (5 from the BBC)
3) if I go for ADD/CONTENT/FEED DIRECTORY by clicking on each of the tab I will get a few Uk feeds more spiecialized in Travel, Entertainment, Internet... But nothing on LONDON , so now I go for the Netvibes Ecosystem.

4) there I search for London, or better I choose the Tag London and I have more than 60 results.

The first interesting is the i-m-tro module by Patrice, where by choosing the city you want to travel (Londo, Paris, Ny, ...) you have a search module helping you to find your way in the public transportation systems of more 250+ cities around the world! I select London, UK.
Now to go from Waterloo station to Trafalgar square, I choose:
Waterloo (and the module proposed me 3 choices) and Trafalgar ( and the module proposed me to complete with square) I can then add the Day and the our to use the Tube. I could have checked or not the following choices: Tube, DLR, River Service , First Capital Connect,Croydon, C2C , Silverlink , Southwest Trains , Southern , Southend, ONE South Eastern Trains , First Great Western , Airport Services by train or Airport Services by bus.

This is result is:
Waterloo International Station - Trafalgar Square (Sunday 20:00)
Best routeTime about 14 minutes - 0 connection(s)
At Waterloo International Station -->Walk to -->Waterloo -->Take Northern Line (Char.C.)Direction High BarnetMill Hill EastEdgwareNorthbound
Get off at -->Charing Cross -->Walk to -->Trafalgar Square

Impressive! Looks complete but as I am not from London I needsomone to check it in the real world!

5) Then I could choose a TAB UK TRANSPORT containing a selection of UK transport news feeds. But the only interesting are Feeds from Google News and Technorati that I will modify myself to have more precise news on London.

6) Then I have feeds, a lot of them, but many are for London cities in the USA ! I select instead a few feeds on London Orchestras.

7) Then I search for TRAVEL on Netvibes Ecosystem and I have more than 130 results. I go for the Tabs and I found TRAVEL: with just 3 Widgets: Mobissimo, a travel search widget, nice and sober that gives results in the widget.; Travelocity, another travel search widget that opens an external windows with the results. I added myself another Travel search Widget: Kayak search (that opens also in external windows).

8) There was also a Google map Widget ( a few to choose from : Google Map and Search that can search sushi, hotels, pizzas, coffes shop (Well American style food...); Google map by Cristophe (simple and clear) .

9) Then with the Netvibes Search Widget I looked for "LONDON BLOGS" and I selected: the Directory of London Bloggers amazing how many you can have! My preferred are LONDONIST and LONDON LOGUE.

10) Then from the ADD CONTENT of Netvibes I added the Weather Widget, A calendar for UK Holydays, A London Daily Photos .... I add also a TRAFIC TRAVEL NEWS UK Widget,

In my new TAB : LONDON (UK) I have now 38 from Widgets and Feeds all setted on LONDON. I will publish it in the Netvibes ecosystem so that if others are interested, they will not lose my 3-4 hours of work.

Still, I am sure that something is missing.

Let me know.


WZD.com: a new competitor for Netvibes


Reading the stats of this Blog, I was attracted by an unknown short url: WZD.com . I followed the link and there it was a new Korean Competitor to Netvibes.

I do not read Korean but I was able to change my background theme and could have registred. Instead I googled for some news and here is a short description in English from WEB2.0 Asia:

"WZD.com (pronounced Wizard.com), a Korean offering of web start page, has beta launched its new version. According to 2Z, a Korean blogger (note: link in Korean), the notable features of the new version include:

  • Sharing web widgets and personal pages: Users can share the widgets and startpages they created with other users. The place where these assets can be posted and shared is called "Oz".
  • Better UI and design: Unlike on other startpage services, WZD.com users can freely adjust the size of the widgets. Also widgets can be overlaid on top of other widgets, not necessarily constrained to move only up and down within the given horizontal boundaries.
  • Web widget API: WZD.com announced WZDAPI, a widget-creating API that's compatible with Mac OS, Google, Netvibes, etc. "

So Technical competition on the AJAX homepage platform is increasing everyday.

Among Netvibes competitors we can point:
I think is time for Netvibes to go for real good content!




I continue to search for the Content offered by Netvibes. (started here)

Now, if I consider Netvibes as a good Platform for my content (as Netvibes can be accessed by PC and Macs, IE and FireFox, ADSL and Mobile ) one of the first uses I will want to explore as a Netviber is : TRAVEL with NETVIBES.

In that case I would like to find on my Netvibes Page the following:

  1. Maps,
  2. Travel guides,
  3. Accomodations
  4. Restaurants
  5. Shopping
  6. Tips,
  7. Time Tables,
  8. Local News,
  9. Event list,
  10. Weather forecasts,
  11. Booking facility,
  12. Pictures and videos,
  13. Places to go,
  14. Calendar,
  15. Email checking and sending
  16. Usefull numbers-links,
  17. selection of Local Blogs,
  18. Social opportunities and why not:
  19. job opportunities,
  20. short rentings,
  21. children activities
  22. sport facilities,....

All the above will be set just for my needs giving me just the info I need where I need it.

I know it is a lot but in a way or another we need all need that. It could be a huge market!

And with Netvibes (or a similar pernsonalized page) I could travel with it, or just consult it in an internet cafe'. I could also use it by printing some of it.

Of course, Google, Yahoo ore other sites are offering something like that but everything is their choice: take it or leave it.

I would prefer my own selection, with my page organized as I want it : with the weather coming from different sources and placed on the top right, the local news on the left, the webcam of the day in the middle, and....

But can Netvibes help me in planning and enjoying my trip ?

Will see it in another discussion...


No sex in Netvibes


After my post of yesterday about the necessity for Netvibes to increase their offer of Content, I wanted to evaluate the Content offered today by Netvibes, so I went for the Netvibes Ecosystem.

But there is no Directory to choose content from. The only Directory I found in Netvibes is in the Add Content of the Netvibes home page, in Feeds, where you have a Feed Directory: Top Headlines, Sport, Finance, Business, Tech, Internet, ...

So I tried with their Search but as I wrote yesterday it is not effective so I figured out to test the TAGS which gives the number of Widgets, feeds, Universes, tabs, ... that are tagged with the chosen word.

Here are the number of results for any chosen tag:

news = more than 300

podcast = more than 100

finance = more than 180

internet = more then 160

google = more than 80

But in an optic to have a more popular Netvibes I looked for everyday words:

food = more than 150

music = more than 420

sport = more than 200

love = more than 130

weather = 31

Then also because I can be a naughty boy, I checked the S word:

sex and guess what I was expecting at least 100 like podcast, or 200 as sport but the result is just 23 !!!

Well it was perhaps the Tag a bit to strong so what about:

erotic = just 2 !!

Then I went to Google Trends to check about the searches made in 2006 worldwide and here is the resulting graph with the following terms in dicreasing order:

red=sex than light blu= google than yellow=music than green=love and finally dark blue=sport.

So SEX is a much searched word in 2006 (2005, 2004, 2003...) than Google but also than love, food, sport,... That was no surprise to me as markets for VCR recorders, Satellite TV and of course Internet were and are driven by sex.
The lack of significative erotic presence is there to signify that there is no real business to be done in a homepage-platform like Netvibes? Or it is just that there is not enough audience ? Or, that personal homepages are the last "no-sex" territory?


Netvibes' new frontier : Content


Ok Netvibes is there. A good platform to put my (yours) own tabs and widgets but if Netvibes wants to count in "real millions" of users instead on thousands it should be more interested in Content.

See why .

I just discovered a site founded two years ago, by then-fifteen-year-old Kamran Munshi, that is aggregating real estate and location data. The site is called Terabitz.

And Wired Blog describs Terabitz as "Ajax-ified, with a responsive, drag-and-drop interface that lets you view a dashboard showing various aspects of the real estate market for areas you're interested in. You can decide which metrics are interesting to you: Housing prices, rental prices, recent real estate transactions, local school info, the locations of banks, grocery stores, and libraries, and more. Each one of these items is a module you can drag onto your dashboard. If you want to compare locations you can point the same dashboard view at a different town or ZIP code."

How do they will make money ?

Here is their answer: Terabitz will always be free to you, the user.We are different than other real estate sites in how we make money as well. Rather than traditional advertising, we allow companies to introduce you to themselves in a highly localized, contextual fashion. Appropriate service providers can sponsor targeted category bits on the site as you use them, so you see only relevant information as you research. Everyone wins.

And Venture Beat describes Terabitz with: "Think of it as a cross between a personal homepage (like iGoogle or Netvibes, for example) and a real estate information site (like Trulia or Zillow)."

So, Terabitz is a "Specialized Netvibes" that will look for advertising, sponsorship, fees on local ads, .... No surprise Terabitz launches, with $10 million in venture funding!

So will Netvibes educate the masses and leave to others the juicy niches or is it going to create, develop, capture them ? Wait and see.


Netvibes Ecosystem should improve the Search function


another function thet Netvibes Ecosystem should immediately improve is their search!

There is no point is listing 1050 Widgets(Modules) ; 85.000 feeds; 1160 podcasts; 282 Events; 3500 tabs and 600 Universes if the Search is not much much better.

Why? I tried to find directly the page of the Module/Widget "Netvibes Customize" .
Well, of course is just listed on the right column under Most Popular. But if I type "Netvibes Customize" (with or without braquets) in the search, I get more than 130 answers !!! And that is just limited to the Modules !!

Netvibes should replace Modules with Widgets


I was checking the Netvibes Ecosystem for new Modules to add to my own Netviebs page and I was a bit confused in seeing that there was no more a tab for Modules and that it was replaced by Widgets!

But, If you click on the Widgets tab, that is the text "Modules are applications and services built by the community of Netvibes developers."

So if for Netvibes, Modules are the Widgets, I would expect from netvibes a massive copy/paste and the replacement of the of the old term.

I prefer myself, Widget, as is worldwide accepted and should increase the diffusion of Netvibes.


Text to Voice Rss feeds Reader: The Widget I would like now


I would like to place on my Netvibes a Text to Voice Rss feeds Reader.
It would permit me to listen to RSS feeds instead of reading them.
Why ? I think that in the future with mobile phones I could need it.

Listen here what could be the Text to Voice Update from Netviber Experience Blog.

Any suggestion ?

I tried to check the Netvibes Ecosystem but their search is very poor... and that could become a problem. How to choose Modules and Widgets if you do not have a proper search function? But that is worth another discussion.

(For the Text to Voice simulation I used the ATT research Demo and File Storage is provided by OhShare (direct upload up to 80 MB and no registration and no time limit))

About Widgets Monetization and Netvibes_part 2


yesterday I started a discussion on the possible revenues for netvibes coming from Widgets Monetization.

Let's first explain what are Widgets and why they interest the Marketing community:

Basically, Widgets are portable applications (programs) that provide functionality and content online. Widgets can either sit on a user’s desktop or a web page and perform a function. There are desktop (Yahoo and Vista) and webtop widgets (webblog, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Myspace, iGoogle, etc.) made available via Springwidgets.com, Clearspring.com , Netvibes, Widgetbox.com, or other platforms, with many different functions that they can perform.

If you use Netvibes, by clicking on the upper left side of your page on the "ADD CONTENT" you will have a choice between Widgets and Universes.

Netvibes' Widgets are devided in Feeds (RSS) ; Basic Widgets (Weather, WebNote,...); Communication (Gmail, Yahoomail, Popmail...) ; Search (Web, Blog, Images, ...); Applications (digg, ebay, twitter,...); External widgets (UWA modules, Web page by url...) .
The interesting thing about Widgets is that you can add them where you want (if they are correctly written) and you become independent from the Original Web page. In Netvibes (or any other independent personalized homepage) you can have your Gmail next to your YahooMail and your Msn Hotmail. You can read the feeds from the BBC next to the CNN and the REUTERS (but all of you know that already).
The difficulty for the Content Providers and the Advertising industry is that the Widgets use programming languages that create problems in measuring the audience of the "Original Content Provider" as the final user (Me) is not always directly connected to the Content Provider (ex: CNN).
On the other way, the Widget builders will want to:

1) Drive Traffic to their own site (ex: Tip of the Day, Photo of the Day, latest Blog post, or a Sale of the Day )

2) Allow for a deeper connection with their consumers (ex: a nationally known pet products brand offered a desktop widget that allows users to get updated local weather and have a photo of their pet as a background)

3) Push the Brand

4) Build links (from every site that embeds the widget)

Widgets represent an entirely new way of looking at advertising.

Unlike almost all other online ads, widgets are uploaded onto sites (personal sites, profile pages, blogs) by consumers themselves. They are pulled by their audience, instead of pushed by marketers. And the publishers (largely personal publishers) who upload them are far more than affiliates: owing to these publishers’ personal dynamic and voice, they become advocates for the marketers whose widgets they help distribute.

About Widgets viewership:

In the Wall Street Journal, Comscore reports on viewership of widgets: 177.8 million in April:
Slide is leading the widget economy with 117.1 mln widget-views in April 2007, followed by RockYou with 82 mln., followed by PictureTrail, PhotoBucket, Bunnyhero Labs, BlingyBob, POQbum, Brightcove, Layoutstar and MusicPlaylist.us. 105 mln people visited MySpace in April 2007 and 38.8 mln visited Facebook.
Many readers have noted that YouTube.com is not included...


Revenues of Netvibes could come from Widget Monetization


in the same interview discussed here, Tariq Krim, Ceo and founder of Netvibes, says more aboutpossible future revenues.

On Revenues, Tariq Krim is explicit when he says that RSS will only give marginal revenues and that he believes more on Widgets monetization. "We work at the moment with numerous partners on monetization and branding of the Widgets".

"Widgets monetization is exploding".

"CBS has chosen Netvibes to widgetize the broadcasting of their videos on the web. The movies Rush Hours 3 with Jacky Chan or Hairspray with John Travolta use our Universes to promote the launch of their movies in the USA."

As Tariq Krim is not clear on the ways to do that Widget Monetization, here are some good ways to it:
1) Ads in the widget.
2) Ads within the content in the widget. Individual posts can contain advertising.
3) Ads between the posts within the widget. It is possible to have ads in between certain posts (e.g. between the second and third articles.)
4) Pre-roll/post-roll in a video in the widget.

(from http://walkerfenton.blogspot.com/search/label/widget%20monetization)

So far, the discussion around monetization has centered on how publishers can monetize the widgets that people embed on other sites.
Perhaps this is the wrong question – or an incomplete question. Maybe the discussion should be around how the widget itself can be a monetization platform for the host site.

(from: http://www.sexywidget.com/my_weblog/2006/12/widgets_and_mon.html)

Interesting page to read if you are interested:

to be continued...

Tariq KRIM interviewed after CHAPPAZ quits Netvibes


Tariq KRIM (CEO and founder of Netvibes) has given his first interview at neteco.com a French website about the net economy. and he speaks about the situation after former Co-CEO Pierre Chappaz has left the company with some other top managers.

First, Tariq presents the Top Managers of Netvibes:
Franck Mahon , Lead product manager
Francois Hodierne, Chief Architect
Freddy Mini, COO
Annabelle Malherbe, CFO

On the points of disagreement with Pierre Chappaz , Tariq Krim says:
" I did not share with (Pierre) him the urgency to compromise our product strategy by offering services as third partiy suppliers ."

On the Competition from Wikio (founded and managed by Pierre Chappaz) with their new RSS service, Tariq Krim says that Netvibes is already the Third Source for RSS reading (according to Feedburner : well here we see Fourth...)

On Revenues, Tariq Krim is explicit when he says that RSS will only give marginal revenues and that he believes more on Widgets monetisation. "We work at the moment with numerous partners on monetization and branding of the Widgets".

Tariq Krim clarifies also that there was no disagreement with Chappaz on the Exit strategy or Selling Out.

I voted 5 times in the TIME 50 Best Websites 2007 POLL


I just discovered that by just hitting my back button I can vote as many times as I want in the TIME 50 Best Websites 2007 POLL!! (Look at the just published discussion on TIME naming Netvibes in the 50 Best Websites 2007 )

I can see that it works because the POLL results are increasing...

Try yourself... and do not trust online POLLS !!


1) go to the Netvibes poll page
2) vote
3) go to the POLL RESULTS page
4) read total votes for Netvibes (I only vote for them ;) ) :716 votes
5) hit the back button of your browser (I am with IE6 and WXP)
6) vote again ... and that's it!!

I hope nobody is voting against ... but only for their favorites.

Time names Netvibes in the 50 Best Websites 2007


as reported by Netvibes, Time has named Netvibes one of 50 Best Websites 2007 as a winner in the Web Service category.

Time decided "to honor sites with exceptional style and smarts, sites that offer new and improved ways to access and share content, generate our own and otherwise enrich the online (and off-line) experience".

Time gives a complete description of theservices provided Netvibes.com : Create a Custom Homepage and invites readers to vote so go here and vote (if you like).

I voted myself and my note was in the 90, higher than the 65 I credited Netvibes in a previous discussion because I wanted to point out the overall quality of the service that Netvibes provides compared also to other web service categories.

At the moment Netvibes ranks 7° with more than 700 votes with an average of 75 .

The only Netvibes competitor mentioned by TIME is: Honorable mention: Pageflakes.


WHO is behind Netvibes_ part 6


this discussion WHO is Behind Netvibes started here.

9) FRANCK MAHON , Lead Product Manager , French , born 1975.

Franck like to define himself as: "Web2.0, digital media and podcast evangelist".

His personal Blog in French is centered on the PODCAST

10) Francois HODIERNE, Chief Architect, French.

François is in charge also with the relations with the external developers of Netvibes with the http://dev.netvibes.com/forum.

His personal blog in French is not often updated.

11) Annabelle MALHERBE, CFO, French

Annabelle was previuosly European Finance Director of Yahoo Marketplace France.
Now she is also in charge with the relation with the VCs

All 3 have been mentionned by Tariq KRIM (CEO and founder of Netvibes) as the Team leader behind Netvibes now that Pierre Chappaz has left.


Why iGoogle is so unattractive ?


I started this discussion on Philip Wilkinson Blog: http://blog.crowdstorm.com but I think it is interesting enough to continue it here.

” Why iGoogle is so unattractive at the moment?” and therefore opens the way to independent personalised start-up pages like Netvibes.

My answers:

1) Google does not think that there is a market in start pages
2) They just wait and see and buy the best
3) They are not able to do it better
4) They are afraid to spoil their other established revenues

Philip Wilkinson ones:

5) They haven’t really promoted it a lot
6) They have hundreds of products on the go now and it often would be hard to manage time and resource effectively on one single one compared with a start-up
7) They were later in the market
8) I’m sure they are trying to think of how advertising would work on a personalised start-up experience to see if they can make money from the thing / encourage take-up of their other products through it.

Now it is open to you. Do you have ideas ?

Krim (Netvibes CEO): Widgets will generate revenues


here my transcript of an interesting video in French of the closing keynote speech on the subject of Advertising and Web 2.0 by Tariq Krim, founder and CEO of Netvibes.

The event was the AD:TECH PARIS 6th - 7th March 2007, Palais des Congrès, Paris and Netvibes did not yet published the Coriander Version with more custimization possibilities and the Universes were not available.

The Video is interesting in that you can feel the hesitation and the doubts of Tariq Krim about the revenue side of Netvibes compared with the easy speech he can show when he speaks about services and usability of Netvibes. He says many times that Netvibes is what he needs himself.

You really can feel that the business model is very very vague and that must have been the cause of the departure of WEB 1.0 entrepreneur Pierre Chappaz from Netvibes.

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Advertsing in 2.0 era

[the following are theText of the slides presented by Tariq Krim]

Time is a strategic choice

Attention is a personal choice


Our digital life is growing... out of control


Netvibes is about where you focus

your interests

your attention


Netvibes is about you -

No advertising.

No logos.

No corporate control on the page - 100% user control and creation -

Community (Netvibes Ecosystem) provide the content


NETVIBES TODAY (march 2007)

15 month old - translated into 80+ languages, done entirely by users

More than 12.000 Feeds, Modules, Podcasts, Calendars and Shared tabs made by users

More than 1 million unique RSS feeds managed by Netvibes


And your Brand ?


In all this, RSS is a smart distribution channel but it is still ... boring!


Netvibes makes RSS sexier for: photos, videos, music, flash


Working on an unfinished business

(web 1.0) -free the data

(Web 2.0) -free the Application

(Netvibes ) -free the User


How it will happen: -

the end of the web page -

the end of the browser (as we know it) -

the deportalisation: break the web in small independent pieces of living information: WIDGETS


Introducing Universal Widget API: build your netvibes widget and make (it) available on every widget platform, blog,... Write once, run everywhere! Netvibes, Dashboard, Google,...


Universal Widget API (UWA) - Opensource Javascript runtime - Netvibes UI library for your own widgets - building with our community a wall of APIs


Coming today on our developers network


[After the slides, there was some kind of questions and answers. Here is my summary]

Q: How brands (not from the Web world) can integrate the Web ?

A: with the widget. Brands will create and offer their own widget. ex: CocaCola could offer a Music Channel widget ...

The concept is to give to every individual users an individual information but you need to be trusted (best is the friends community)

Widget is stronger than Ad because you choose it, you installed it, you like it and you trusted who sent it you!

Q: What are the New trends in Advertising with WEB 2.0 ?

A : The future will see less interest in just the Audience rate but more interest in the Attention rate of the user! Because of the stronger relation with the users that chooses his own piece of information where and when he wants it.

Q ( from CEO yahoo france): what is Netvibes' business model ?

A: the Widgets will generate revenues: by affiliation.

Let's say Ebay does not need new users (because it has already a very big audience) but Ebay needs to create a stronger relation with each user (that will translate in longer time with the service and then bigger revenues) . Ebay is less interested in Audience rate than in the Attention rate of its users.

Q: What are your revenues now (March 2007)

A: At the moment Netvibes has not significative revenues as we concentrate on increasing our user base (almost 10 millions) . You can not create revenues and, at the same time, increase your audience. We choose audience. We want a better product (ex coriander) , a new mobile version, better usability , new services, a Chinese version;

With an Higher Quality World Audience, we could think of pre-roll widgets, as with the ads before the videos. Widgets could be sponsorised. RSS has potential

Q: DO you have technological patents ?

A: Netvibes has just started first and is a good service.

Netvibes creates an ATTENTION NETWORK: created by the user.

Q: who is afraid of Netvibes?

A: Nobody. There is space for everybody...

Q: Who will buy you?

A: ... (with a large smile) . Many WEB 2.0 actors just thought about being bought by the Big Fishes and forgot to ask for enough starting money... We obtained ... 12 millions Euros...


Netvibes needs strong VIRAL APPROACH

Thanks for your comments!

But at the end of the day, Pierre CHAPPAZ, the WEB 1.0 entrepreneur (Kelkoo and Yahoo) , has left.
That means that for him there was no Business Future for Netvibes worth to wait for.

If we want to be able to use Netvibes in the future with better functions, Netvibes has to become a succesful WEB 2.0 company.it

For that itwill be necessary for Netvibes to find ways to create:

1) revenues streams
2) customer fidelity
3) higher circulation

According to me, Netvibes will achieve that only with a unique, clear and strong VIRAL APPROACH. The VIRAL APPROACH needs to be applied not only to Marketing but also to Revenues...


Well... As always, I have a little idea about how to achieve that.

Users can be customers, sucribers or ... ?

Let me know.


Also THOUVENIN, Business Development Exec. quits Netvibes


After yesterday's Announcement that Co-CEO Pierre Chappaz was quitting Netvibes, one of his men has also resigned from Netvibes.

Marc THOUVENIN, Business Development Executive at Netvibes, French 31, has just announced on his Blog that he was leaving Netvibes and joining Chappaz's WIKIO to become Marketing Exec.

It seems that this will not be the last move in the team and that Netvibes will have to clarify its strategy on distribution and monetization .

Meanwhile, Tariq KRIM, Netvibes founder and CEO, is "twisting from netvibes iPhone version "


Pierre CHAPPAZ, co-CEO, quits Netvibes


Pierre CHAPPAZ, co-CEO of Netvibes since June 2006, has just announced on his Blog that he was quitting Netvibes on a desagreement with founder Tariq Krim over the Business Model of Netvibes.

Chappaz, also founder and CEO of Wikio, has pointed out that since the beginning there was a different point of vue over the future of Netvibes and that the actual development of the Universes of Netvibes was not in line with his own ideas.

The main objective of Pierre Chappaz , who in in 2004 already sold Kelkoo to Yahoo for €475 million, was to find ways to create a solid distribution and a way to make money... That seems not already the case.

Pierre Chappaz writes that he remains shareholder of Netvibes, but for how long?

The actual Business Model of Netvibes is not clear... and Tariq Krim, founder and co-CEO of Netvibes is reported to have said: "Once users are happy, I am sure the revenue model will make itself clear."

Pierre Chappaz was not patient enough...

In the mean time Tariq Krim is enjoing the new i-phone , he just bought in San Francisco...