... and Netviber Experience' (NetEx) blog will stop here !

Hi to all my readers,

When I started this Netviber Experience' blog in December 2006, Netvibes was a young 1 year old start-up.

Now Netvibes has turned 3 and is a "mature company" ;-).

I think that this blog has completed its mission and I have decided that this will be my last post here !

Don't be sad, I will continue to participate with my own posts in Netvibes itself.

Just follow me from my Universe: http://www.netvibes.com/netviberexperience .
(click on my profile and add me to your friends. It will be a pleasure for me :-)

Then I will also continue to post on twitter, friendfeed, facebook, ...

So thank you to all and...

Arrivederci !

Happy Brithday, Netvibes !!! 3 Years !!!

Time flies !!

Jouyeux Anniversaire !!!

Buon Conpleanno !!!

Happy Birthday !!!


Netvibes never closes, but this NetEx Blog does...

... so I will take 2 weeks off. No, do not cry ! I will be back :-)

And do you want to know what are the books I'll take with me ? Well, just check the cover here. It was spotted my 5 years old daughter among millions of books.

And It is just what I was looking for: another vision on our everchanging life

Microtrends: Surprising Tales of the Way We Live Today
by Mark J. Penn, E. Kinney Zalesne

It has good reviews and looks as good bet for a summer reading with kids around. I'll let you know...

And I will bring also The Best Seller "Millenium" novel series by STIEG LARSSON.

All I read about it is this : "An epic tale of serial murder and corporate trickery spanning several continents, the novel takes in complicated international financial fraud and the buried evil past of a wealthy Swedish industrial family."

Please to not tell me how it ends :) but feel free to leave me your own reading suggestions !


All It Takes To Inflate Your FeedBurner Numbers Is a Netvibes Account . Check http://ping.fm/mSveK


Confirmed Water on Mars: Biggest science news of the decade ?

Confirmed Water on Mars: that is gretest news of the decade !

but nobody is reacting :( http://ping.fm/27413


New Netvibes Buzz is here

Fast and set on 48 hours http://ping.fm/Z7TQc . Would love a Weekly and Montly ranking if on holidays;)

New Netvibes Activities board is super fast

try http://ping.fm/nwi68 Suggestion?
I would like to be able to Star them here


want also to be a Beta tester for http://ping.fm ? Use this code: pingadactyl FAST , will not last long ;)

posting from Ping.fm, works also on Blogger

testing ping.fm

I am posting in one click the same update and micro-blogging to all my social services: FB, FF, Identi.ca, Twitter ...


http://www.netvibes.com/buzz is down : Day 2.

Any news??


My worst nightmare ? My Netvibes page invaded by smileys ;

check out this awful Netvibes's clone : smileycentral

Anyone already on identi.ca (OpenSource Twitter-Like) ? Join me!



Best idea for Summer 2008: TechCrunch's Web Tablet For $200

Nik Cubrilovic and Michael Arrington of tech blog TechCrunch.com have launched what I found the most interesting idea for this Summer: "Today at Techcrunch we announced that we are building our own web tablet hardware device:
A web Tablet for just 200$"

"Here’s the basic idea: The machine is as thin as possible, runs low end hardware and has a single button for powering it on and off, headphone jacks, a built in camera for video, low end speakers, and a microphone. It will have Wifi, maybe one USB port, a built in battery, half a Gigabyte of RAM, a 4-Gigabyte solid state hard drive. Data input is primarily through an iPhone-like touch screen keyboard. It runs on linux and Firefox. It would be great to have it be built entirely on open source hardware, but including Skype for VOIP and video calls may be a nice touch, too."

The Best part of it is the TOUCH SCREEN and also the collaborative side of the project:

"The goal is to keep the machine very simple and very cheap. I think this will be a lot of fun, and it may just turn into an actual product that we can use to surf the web and talk to our friends.

We’ll be coordinating the project over at TechCrunchIT. Leave a comment there if you want to participate and we’ll be in touch soon."

I like the idea of this low-profile screen that could be in every kitchen and every shop.

More details also here.


I prefer the new Facebook user profile style

check it here http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php


Do you know your Netvibes' user ID number ? Check it out!

mine is: 16994722

Just go here http://www.netvibes.com/activities ,
click on your username in the menu,
go bottom of the page and click on JSON icon there check for the first "userId": the number is your own User ID.


Where are the Netvibes' Communities ?

still little buzz, no ? Why ?


NetEx blog goes also mobile: http://netviberexperience.mofuse.mobi/

I just launched the mobile version of Netviber Experience blog (NetEx) check it out here:


You will be able to check ideas, tips and data mining on Netvibes from your mobile phone (wap) or iphone ;)

As you can see it is powered by MOFUSE

"MOFUSE gives content publishers, like bloggers, the ability to publish their content to the mobile web. You don't have to be a content publisher to use MoFuse though, anyone can create a mobile website in just a few minutes using the intuitive MoFuse platform."

MOFUSE powers already:

Mashable MobileRead Write Web Mobile

LiveSide MobileMakeUseOf Mobile

Harvard Business MobileCOOL HUNTING Mobile

Political Wire MobileReadBurner Mobile

I miss the possibility to update my Netvibes status from my wap mobile

With the new 3G iphone coming, I wanted to test the mobile versions of Netvibes.

I know that Netvibes' strategy is not focusing on the mobile platform contrary to other competitors like webwag. Nevertheless, when I travelling, I like the idea to be able to check my Netvibes page on my mobile.

I can read feeds and twitts and check and write emails with gmail. And my web browsing is limited to wap compatible websites

But now, with the new open Activities policy by Netvibes, I can also read the feed about my netvibes' friends' Activity, my own activity and the public stream.

What I miss the most is the possibility to update my Netvibes status from my mobile. I miss it because I can update my twitter from my mobile Netvibes but not my own Netvibes activity :(

To go mobile with Netvibes, I found 3 different urls:


http://wap.netvibes.com (the lightweight "basic" version)



I presume that the first 2 give the same results, as it looks like that on my SonyEricsson.

The iphone is reserved for ... well the iphone.


new Buzz and Activities page now officialy available for netvibes

A new green Button: Browse all Activities is now available in your Activities Menu. That way, the buzz and other Activities that I announced are officilay made available to all users.

By clicking the Green Button you will open the new Activities page but that will replace your Netvibes page.

I would prefere to open it in a new window or new tab...

With the Activities page you will be able to follow the Buzz, the public stream and your own your Friends activities.

Personnaly, I would prefer to have a new Buzz icon in the Upper menu to check first the buzz but also the other activities, possibly in a new tab/page and /or in the side bar ;)


new Netvibes' Share option to customize and export UWA Widgets

In a very rich week full of new features (Google search box, Buzz and Public stream) Netvibes will also offering a new Share option to customize the apparence of UWA Widgets.

As the all ecosystem will be rebuilt with new features (n° of installations, platform % and weekly trends) and a better search :), a new option is already offered under the Share menu in the ecosystem bottom menu line.

With this you will be able to export the widget you like (here is mine: the NetEx blog ) with a few customizations and preferences:

  • title of widget
  • height
  • width
  • border colour
  • ...

Very interesting is also the GRAB THE WIDGET CODE window: with a copy/paste you are now able to export any UWA widget and place it on any WEB page (except the ones like Blogger who prevent javascript) !

The applications are with no limits!! The widget revolution is coming ?

Thanks Netvibes!!


Have you seen the Netvibes sidebar option for your Friends' activities ?

UPDATE: I have changed capture to show that I can follow the Netvibes activities also watching another page... eh eh :) Would be interesting to have an option for showing or not the comments ...

When you are in the new Activities Dashboard, http://www.netvibes.com/public
select the Friends tab and in the menu at the bottom of the page you click on sidebar.

This will install a bookmarklet that is a special bookmark that when you will choose it in your Bookmarks tab of your Browser will open a sidebar, on any page you are looking at, showing your last friends' activities.

It is interesting if you are waiting for an important news and you have good friends :)

There is a 4 choice tab in the sidebar: friends, me, buzz and everyone so you can use it even if you do not have already many friends on Netvibes.

I do not know what is the refreshing rate of the sidebar ...

Works fine with FireFox 3 but I have not tested with IE...

I like it ! Thanks NTVB Team !

You can also see your activities and your friends'activities with RSS or ATOM Feeds, or even a special widget just by clicking on the icons also on the bottom page menu.

With new Netvibes Buzz you will see not just how many shared the news but also who. I like it!

With the new Netvibes'Buzz Dashboard that you can check here : http://www.netvibes.com/buzz there is a new nice feature.

When you click on the publishing date of every buzz, you are shown with all the users that starred that activity with their comments. Not only your friends but all Netvibes users.

If one buzz was started by you, like the one in the capture it will allow me to see who also shared it and perhaps want to add as new friends some unknown user.

That is the start of a true Netvibes Community

I like that feature.

If you click on the user name, you will see all his activity.

Google search box does not take that much space in my Netvibes

Netvibes has launched yesterday a new Google Search Box integrated in the Netvibes page.

It is a smart move to offer a new option to "new users" that will arrive from now on on the service.

For Older and more expert users, the move is at the moment seen often as an "intrusion" (just check the hot replies at the Netvibes Blog post )

Many complain of the "invasion" of the awfull tool bar and the bad visual impact and effect. For that 2 solutions:

  1. just hidden the feature by clicking on your Settings, look for the Search options and select hidden.
  2. but, if like me, you still want to keep it on your page because you do not need a title on your own page ;) and you like to have an option to save your searches in your Netvibes page, then go for Setings/ look for Search options and select "above title".
    This way your search box will be there near the "search in page": not a lot of space for a feature that will be improved in the near feture ;)

New Netvibes Activities DashBoard is "officialy" here with buzz feature

As I had announced last week, Netvibes is also launching this week the new Activities Dashboard with a Buzz feature and a Public Stream.

Check it here and no need to be registred to netvibes to view it :


I visited the Netvibes Team in their Paris' Office

Last Friday, I was in Paris (France) and received a kind invitation to visit the Netvibes office that I accepted immediately :)

First, let me thanks Franck Mahon (VP, Product Development) and François Bureau (in charge of Custumer care) that for a few hours accepted to discuss freely with me (as an average user) of some of the hot topics about Netvibes.

I had the pleasure to get a preview of the new Google search integrated search box that today you have found in your Netvibes page.

Some other cool features are on the way (new activities Dashboard, ...) but I agree with Franck: let's announce them when they are ready and working ;)

Second, I would thank all the Netvibes team: it is a small team (20-30 people) of young men and, yes, women working hard to offer the best service to an audience of very difficult users (not all, ok, but some :) ).

Third, Tariq Krim, the founder and still shareholder of Netvibes, is not anymore there. His office, is now empty but the Team works as before. The pace and targets for Netvibes are setted and the step by step long term strategy is there focusing on improving the Homepage service and at the same time developping the Widgets distribution and that was one of my main concerns.

When Franck asked me why users were so much interested in Netvibes revenues, compared to other companies, my instinctive answer, to a question that I never thought before, was: "because I like so much the service that I want to be sure that Netvibes will be there in 1- 2- 3 -5 years!"

Later, on my way to home, I thought that I never thought this before for any other service.
I do not care about Twitter or Facebook financial situation.

If with Netvibes is different, is because, as a user, I have the feeling that Netviber is listening at my requests. And it is true: Franck and François read all the posts and comments about the Netvibes service and the Team tries always to improve.
Have you seen the new Netvibes_Help service on Twitter ? Others are copying it now.

I love so much the service that I have also offered to be the first paying suscriber to a Netvibes Delux edition (Franck, my coins are still on the table ;) ) as, of course, early subscribers will get a special price... and a picture on the wall.

But good news: Revenues are "already growing in line with business plan" and more good news are coming...

Fourth, Franck and François are very polite persons as, at my request to know what was my most stupid post on this blog, they were kind enough to answer that there were a few but none was presented to me...

Just François, recommended me that if I had any problem with Netvibes to complain directly to the Feedback service instead of any other way, because the feedback form allows Netvibes to help you sooner and better. (I will make a post on that)

So, in conclusion, a very instructive afternoon and a regret: not having the time to talk and thank all the other individual team members about their own job and visions.

Ding, ding, ding !! (private joke) See you next time !!


New Activities Dashboard for Netvibes in the pipeline with Buzz and Public stream ?

that would be nice :)

HP launches TouchSmart Pc and I like it.

The Touchscreen is the new trend and one by one everyone is going there.

Check this demo from HP of their new TouchSmart IQ500 Series PC.

It is more a Family Media Center than an office PC but is the first time that I find an HP product with a smart style that also my wife could like.

Good demo ;)

Thanks Mauriz for the tip!


NetEx Blog is first on Google.com for : Wimbledon 2008 Widget

check it here: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=wimbledon+2008+widget&btnG=Google+Search

Pity, that I have just reviewed it with a 1*/5 :)

Don't like Tennis ? Get Comics widgets on your Netvibes

If you are not in Tennis or Sports, or if you want to change subject, netvibes has prepared a selection of Comic Strips widgets.

In another effort from Netvibes, to offer some content to new users, the selection is presented on the Netvibes Universe, just go here: If you like the widget, click on it and it will be added to your own Netvibes page.

You will see Classic Comics as:

Calvin & Hobbes,

or new characters as:

Penny Arcade,


As a matter of fact, the one I prefer is the little lady with green shoes designed by Karine. Would love to have a daily widget from her ;)


I compared 4 news aggregators in my Netvibes: Wikio, Google news, Inform and Topix.

As often as with subjects that I want really to follow well, I need more than one source. So, this time I wanted to compare 4 different automatic news portals in my Netvibes page: Wikio, Google news, Inform and Topix.

As you can see from my capture, I have setted all 4 with the same number of feeds and details and I have selected also the publishing by date. Wikio and Topix are publishing also pictures.

What is interesting and contrary to my expectations is that the 20 news on my screen are all different ! That depends of course on sources and methodology and on the date of publishing.

That would also suggest that all 4 portals have different approaches that could appeal to different users.

For Wikio I have choosen the Wikio.co.uk (as the Wikio.com was less focused on the tournament and a special human created directory: http://www.wikio.co.uk/sport/tennis/tennis_tournaments/wimbledon.
Wikio searches the medias but also the blogs (if pertinent).

For Google News it is the .com edition and the search string is just Wimbledon and Google news is limited at the media (no blogs). The same works for Inform which presents a selection of UK media sources. Topix checks thousands of sources.

I must confess, with just this 20 results, I am not able to choose which is working best. I will have to look a them, over time.

But if things remain like that, I think that I will keep just Wikio and Google news to check eachother as the human content selected sources (blogs included) of Wikio can correct the full automated Google news based on ranking.

And you, what is your favorite and why ?

If you want you can check my Tab in my Universe.

I have the official Wimbledon 2008 Widget :( just 1*/5

I just found the official Wimbledon 2008 Widget for the Tennis Championships:
It is distributed by Clearspring.com and sponsored by IMB. And it gives scores, news and palyer info.

But this Widget does not work properly with Netvibes and my FF3 even with the dedicated Netvibes download option.
Sizes are not working properly (as they look inverted) and there is no way to move in the widget area as no scroll is available :(
Are they using UWA ? Not sure...

NetEx Rating: 1*/5
The worst possible result for a Widget : Just a big Ad and no way to use the widget :(

If somebody want to test the widget and try to fix it, click here :

Add to Netvibes


My Facebook page has ADS not my Netvibes ...

and I can ask for more

No good Wimbledon 2008 widget available ? I have for you a feed, a radio and video on demand

As Netvibes has not (yet?) any Wimbledon 2008 Tennis Championships widget to offer, I have decided to check the Web for you, and me ;)

First stop: the Wimbledon web site : all the news, the pics and , of course, the scores.

An the official RSS feed is also available :
click here to add it now to your Netvibes page

Add to Netvibes

But there is more:

You can listen to Wimbledon Live Radio

and if you really want more, there is also the Video On Demand :

And WEB 2.0 is not forgotten: you have a small window on the right column: My Wimbledon ;) : you can choose your top 5 preferred players and follow their results and news.

If you know other interesting sources, let me know.


Netvibes is Back :)

My Netvibes is still down


Netvibes is no more a Start-Up

With the replacement of Tariq Krim by Freddy Mini as new CEO, Netvibes has given a clear sign that the almost 3 year long Start-up phase of the project is now finished.

Many well informed insiders, as Pierre Chappaz (shareholder and former co-CEO of Netvibes and actual CEO of Wikio.com ), have declared : Netvibes is now entering the monetization phase.

On the practical side what does it mean ?

First, it is the end of all those activities for which no revenues are at sight and that could mean a reduction in the Social Features or at least not a futher development.

Second, Netvibes will move to look for a broader massive distribution as the recent deal with the French largest Cable company (Numericable.fr) by which the 4.8 million users of Numericable will be able to access a "personal" mynumericable.fr homepage. " my numericable is a completely customizable web portal for Numericable customers. MyNumericable lets users access personalized TV schedules, email, billing services, local news, weather, games, blogs, widgets and other popular services like Facebook, MySpace, YouTubeall from a single, convenient startpage, powered by Netvibes". This personal homepage is provided by Netvibes as a premium Universe.

Third, an increase of the offer of Widgets, produced and or supported by Netvibes in the hope that the long waited boom in that market will give Netvibes the revenues it still looking for.

For the average end-user, as myself, all that could mean:

  • less "glamour and hipe" that only Tariq Krim was able to create around Netvibes
  • lesser options to choose from as that is increasing complexity and then costs
  • lesser development of the Social side of Netvibes that could have create a real Netvibes'community around the service
  • lesser interest from Netvibes team to create my long dreamed Single Social Interface
I hope to be wrong on many issues ;) as I think Netvibes is now just at half of its potential and that the most interesting part of the Service is yet to come.


Netvibes will be off-line this Sunday: maintenance

The Netvibes Blog has announced a 2 hours break in service for Maintenance for this Sunday:

"In order for us to prepare some upcoming features we have a maintenance job to do this week-end. We'll have to bring the site offline for around 2 hours Sunday 22nd of June at 6am UTC (which makes it Saturday 21st at 11pm PST for our users on the West Coast).

During that time we'll also update part of the backend to improve performances.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this might cause you and would like to thank you for your support."

I suggest you take the usual precautions and also add a few hours to the expected break ;)

Hope that in case of longer wait, Netvibes will use its blog and/or its Twitter/netvibes_help to keep us informed... Not everybody will be out this Sunday :)


I want to tag, search and store my Share/Star It activities in Netvibes

It is a few monthes that the Ginger release of Netvibes is out and one of the features that I prefer is the Share/Star of My Activities.

I use it to bookmark pages, ideas, blogs, urls that I want to keep for a later use and/or reading. I use it a lot: at least 4-5 times a day.

I like it because I can also choose to publish it with a comment to all "my friends" or just to keep it for me (private).
I like it also because with FireFox I can use the Star button in my browser or the bookmarklets if the add-on is not installed and also the Star it button if placed by websites.
I like it because I can see and read what my friends shared and starred.

But, I have a big problem: as I have now a lot of them and all this Shared/Starred activities are just visible in my Activities by clicking on Activities in the upper menu.

They are presented in a the "most recent first" order and there is a search button.
The search is based on all Activities (mines + friends) and on words. Then the results are presented just with this little black window.

The My Comunity widget is ok but presents only the last 25 activities... and there is no search

I want more !

With my Share/Star it Activities I would like to be able to:

  • separate Shared Url from other activities (as shared widget)
  • separate my activities from others
  • have the possibility to store the share urls with folders or tags or...
  • be able to rate (1 to 5) the activity
  • to move and rename and delete some of the urls shared
  • search by date and tag
  • to save , backup and export/import
I hope I am not the only one in this situation and to not send me to http://del.icio.us/ ;)

So, if you are a developer you should start reading this (Netvibes Developers Forum)


Netvibes loves FireFox 3 but recommends also IE7 and Safari 3+

In the day of World Record for most daily downloads software by FireFox 3, Freddy Mini, the new CEO of Netvibes, declares in his first post on Netvibes blog that:

Netvibes loves FireFox 3 for speed, memory usage, addon ... well I had already wrote it yesterday ;)
Another big advantage is in the Javascript management (" tests using the SunSpider framework have shown Javascript, which Netvibes is intensively using, to be running up to 3 times faster" )

Mini concludes: "the Netvibes team is recommending to its Firefox users to migrate to this new release"

In general, Netvibes recommends:

and supports the following Browser versions:


Download today FireFox 3 and help your Netvibes and set new world record !

If you like your free Netvibes homepage and RSS reader, you will love FireFox 3, the new free web browser to be launched today.

FireFox 2, the previous version, was the best browser to use with my Netvibes: with the add2netvibes extensions, the bookmarklets, the print option in all your widgets, the download speed, the memory usage ...

So Help your Netvibes page: download the new FireFox 3 !

At the same time you can help FireFox 3 break the world record for most software downloads in 24 hours : today, Tuesday 17th of June, is Download Day 2008.

Follow this link : http://www.spreadfirefox.com/en-US/worldrecord
and add yourself to the over 1.6 million users that will partecipate in this event.

FireFox 3 with more than 15,000 improvements, is faster, safer and smarter than previous versions and competitors.


I have so many Good friends on Netvibes... It is stupid to follow them on ... FriendFeed, no ?

After a few monthes with Netvibes' Ginger , I have now a good community of good Netvibes' Friends.
They are not my "real friends" that I meet in "real life". But they are good friends there on Netvibes. They have good suggestions, good readings. They open my vision with their own. They read things I was not aware and that I start to appreciate.
With time I had to drop some of the first friends I had add : their interests were too far from mine. But now my 160 friends are a good mix.

The most active of my Friends are just 20 or so but the "My Community" widget is now too small for me. I am not able to check all their interesting messages and favorites directly in the widget. And I can not be on Netvibes all day ;)

I can, of course go to the my Activity, in the upper menu but the reading is less pleasant.

Another solution is to go to FriendFeed.
There I can check again for my good Netvibes friends, add them to my profile and then check from there without any limitation. I will also be able to check all their activities not just their Netvibes' post.

I do not know why, but I found that stupid... And you ?

Anyway, here is my FriendFeed profile: http://friendfeed.com/netex
If you are following me on Netvibes and want to follow me there...


Follow the Euro 2008 with Netvibes (4*/5) and other Footbal widgets

Now that Euro 2008 has started you will realize that you need to know that match result or to check the standings or want to read the last updated news or to follow the live result of a match playing.

For that Netvibes has prepeared a nice and cool Euro 2008 public Universe Tab : one in English and one in Français.
The tab in the Universe in English presents only US widgets for a sport called "Soccer" :)

If you prefer more European Football widgets (it's Euro 2008 , no ?) like the one's by: UEFA, BBC, SKY and other languages as Gazzetta, L'Equipe, ... you should check also my own public universe Football Tab:


and my new Euro 2008 Tab:


I invite you nto go there and check for yourself the widgets you prefer... The Netvibes Widget Euro2008 is a must.(4*/5)

To get any of them, yust click on the envelope on the right side of the title of the widget.

Good move by Netvibes, that now presents its human collected content with the Universes and not just a blog post!

Enjoy !! and I hope that my team will win :-)


Try PicLens (full-screen, 3D experience for viewing photos and videos across the web) and you will never search images again as before 5*/5

WE's time and I was reading the Economist. Yes, the paper edition ;)
An I just wanted to check a tip from them: " New techniques to navigate and gather information online promise to revolution web browsing".

And it is true ! I tried this PicLens from Cooliris: it can be installed as an add-on on Firefox (mine is FF2) and it is possible to use it also with :
Firefox (Windows)
Firefox (Mac)
Internet Explorer
Safari (Mac)

"PicLens transforms your browser into a PicLens transforms your browser into a full-screen, 3D experience for viewing photos and videos across the web. With one click, PicLens makes online media come to life via an immersive presentation that goes beyond the confines of the traditional browser. for viewing photos and videos across the web. With one click, PicLens makes online media come to life via an immersive presentation that goes beyond the confines of the traditional browser."

It is fast, smooth, elegant and effective. With you mouse, you move the wall of images as they appear from right to left or the left to right. You want to see one you click on it. Zoom in it ? click again.

Up there you can see the capture for a Google Image Search for : Galaxy Milky Way
and down here is the same search in "normal" Browser view...

Forget clicking page after page in search of the right image!They are all displayed in an endless wall... For me is Science-fiction coming true !

A search is integrated in PicLens but just a simple one (no image size)

Check here the Demo, is really working like that and I have an "2 years old" laptop :)

Here are theother services that are supported:



Image Search


Picasa Web Albums
Google Images
Yahoo Images
Ask Images
Live Images
AOL Images
TTG Galleries (Lightroom)
Phoca Gallery (Joomla)

And it works also with YouTube videos ...

I hope Netvibes, will be included soon ...

NetEx RATING: 5*/5
PicLens: is fast, smooth, elegant and effective.


Exclusive: NetEx blog is the first blog offering a "Star This Post" badge for Netvibes: 4*/5

A few weeks ago I was complaining ( ;) ) that I need a Netvibes activity badge to place on my blog .

Developer Sébastien Poivre (Gizmhail) has just sent me a test version and it is working!

As what I undestand it is working just for Blogger blogs and with FireFox but that is ok for a first draft ;)

Sébastien Poivre (Gizmhail) is also the author of the Netvibes Bookmarklets.
One of them works like the badge but you need to have installed in your FireFox .

NetEx rating: 4*/5
Perfect, just what I and other millions of Bloggers and readers need.
WordPress blogs will also have their own badge... And I am sure Tariq Krim will want one on his new blog ;)

I will report here the link to the definitive url for using this badge, when Sébastien will have a proper page for it.


Tariq KRIM steps down as Netvibes'CEO and is replaced by Freddy MINI

Fresh news from TECHCRUNCH blog:

"Tariq Krim is stepping down as CEO of Netvibes to “spend less time day-to-day” at the company and work on a “new project,” he tells me. (More details on that project later). He will remain on the board of the company and as a non-executive strategic adviser. Current Netvibes COO Freddy Mini will take over the helm as CEO."

“My role was to transfer Netvibes from a personal start page into a widget platform,” says Krim. He feels that the technical foundation for that shift has been completed with the recent release Ginger, the latest version of its site. "

Well, that is a big change and probably a necessary one. But Netvibes is losing a charismatic figure.

Pierre CHAPPAZ, former Co-CEO of Netvibes and founder of Kelkoo and Wikio, an actual investor in Netvibes comments on his own blog that:

"I think it's a good decision. Freddy Mini, Chief Operating Officer of Netvibes for 2 years and based in San Fransisco, has incomparable experience: he was CEO of ZDNet Europe. and then Musicme, before agreeing to join us at Netvibes in 2006. "

"When I resigned from my position as co-CEO last year in order to concentrate my efforts on Wikio , I highlighted how the strategy of distribution and monetization at Netvibes seemed to me essential for success . With Freddy's insistence, Netvibes has in the last year taken great strides in this direction and progressed significantly, supplying a number of large media sites with a personal page service that they could take on and redistribute with their own colors. Freddy is without a shadow of a doubt the man for the job, to continue to develop the distribution, and the widget market, for which Tariq was a true visionary. "

What is strange is that the news is not coming out on any of the Netvibes' Official Blogs, Forums or Streams...

A lack of confidence in Netvibes' own captive audience ?
Shoudn't this news been given to Netvibes' users before anyone else ?
I think so!

Anyway, Thanks Tarik ! :)


Tariq Krim, Netvibes'CEO, launches his new blog giving clues on Widgets' monetization

Tariq Krim, Netvibes' CEO and founder, has just launched his own blog: http://www.tariqkrim.com.

His second post is about the Monetization of the Widget economy:

Tariq expects the market to develop from the estimated 40 mln US$ for 2008 to a much bigger figure for 2009. Tariq seems also to consider an European way to Widgets, where Netvibes could take the lead.

Let's wait for a few days before commenting all this...

If you are interested here is a Business presentation in PDF make by Netvibes beginning of April 2008.

As you can see, one of the options is to bring brands and advertising inside every possible widget while the overall homepage will be not be sponsored.

Windows 7 will be multi-touch compatible (check the demo)

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

The TechCrunch blog announced that : At the "All Things Digital" Gates and Ballmer presented the new Windows 7. This version to be released in 2010 is Multi-Touch compatible.

I like that :)


Follow the Rolland Garros French Tennis open with this Netvibes Widget: NetEx rating: updated 4*/5

Want to have the on-line results of all matches played today in Paris ? Want to read some comments ?
UPDATE: want also to check the schedule ? Want to see the the image Gallery ?

Use this Rolland Garros 2008 widget from Netvibes called Tennis Live. You can choose the Men or Women competition results board and the news channel with comments (has been added during my writing of this post :) ).

NetEx rating: UPATED 4*/5 (was 3*/5)
Simple and essential: scores, comments, schedule and gallery.
Thanks to the developers: Florent Solt and Charles Viard.

What is missing ? The weather conditions and if matches are interrupted or not (that will earn them a 5*/5 :) )

To add it to your Netvibes page, just click here:

Add to Netvibes

If you want some comments and pics, but no on-line scores try this widget The French Open news widget :
You can add this widget to you Netvibes page by clicking here:

Add to Netvibes