Can Netvibes become My Single Social Interface ?


Just read a good post by Kin Lane on his blog about his reaction to Yahoo declaration that the future will be modeled on Facebook and emails. All started from a NYT paper stating that Google and Yahoo " hope to turn their e-mail systems and personalized home page services (iGoogle and MyYahoo) into social networks".

Kin lists his request for a "future" Single Social Interface that will be serving all your personal and professional needs in just one interface.

As I agree on the list here it is with my views on the ability of Netvibes to help. But first I want to state the big advantage, at the moment, for Netvibes: is "independent" from megagroups as Yahoo, Google, Microsoft..

  1. My Profile - I want a single profile Not yet but possible with the help of http://openid.net/ + http://oauth.net/about/
  2. Contacts - I want a single point of entry for people in my life Possible
  3. Individual Communication - I want a single point of entry for all communications and prioritzed by the senders relationship with me Possible
  4. Network Communication - I want to be able to communicate with my network of contacts, friends and family through any way that works for me and for them Possible
  5. Public Communication - I need to communicate with the general public Not good enough
  6. Information - All the information I need daily Almost perfect
  7. Schedule - I should be able to easily manage my private and public schedule Not yet good enough
  8. Storage - Everything should be in one central place and then be able to distribute where ever I need or want it. No good
  9. Projects - Project tracking for everything I do So So
  10. Applications / Tools - I really need an application framework that is desktop, rich, and web all at once Not available but needed

to be clear here is also a graph

So let's hope that Netvibes evolves fast in that direction!


If you want to have a climpse of Netvibes Officices in central Paris go to the page of
Kara from All Things Digital and watch her video.
Be aware the sound is just awful !


Watch Netvibes Ginger release demos on Youtube


for those who had problems viewing the Quicktime videos on the new Ginger release by Netvibes I have found the same demo videos on YOUTUBE:



How Netvibes could look with Ads by Google ?


I was trying to figure out how Netvibes would look if it was getting some (big) revenues from an Advertising Agreement with Google.

I think it probably would look like this:

The Netvibes-looklike page is from http://www.wireseek.com/

Many Netvibes users complain about long uploading time


I was checking reactions on the Web concerning the future Ginger release on Netvibes when I noticed that the main complaint about the service was the " TOO LONG UPLOADING TIME" for charging the Netvibes page.

I agree, at the moment using IE or FF looks quite the same, the loading time is a bit too long.
Of course, with 318 line feeds just for my Tabs on Netvibes, it would surprise me if it was very fast... But how could I reduce this charging time ?

If you have suggestions write them here.
By the way I have more than 30 different tabs on my page... among them:

Netvibes' Blog confirms Ginger release previews


On the Developers side Netvibes "have decided that the moment the technology matures, to include all the existing Social APIs as plugins for UWA, Netvibes' Universal Widget API. "
The graph below summerizes that.


Netvibes will launch “Ginger” as a social widgets platform


a few days ago I was the first to announce a Social networking twist from Netvibes and Tariq Krim, Netvibes' CEO and founder has just announced in the WEB2.0 conference in Berlin that Netvibes will launch a new released called ... "Ginger"and that release will be their social answer.

Netvibes, as reported by Mike Butcher of uk.techcrunch.com reporting live from Berlin, decided that it it was too late to go creating a new Social Network competing with Facebook, Opensocial and others, and has decided instead that " it was time Netvibes to tap into the existing social networks".

The idea is to mash Netvibe’s UWA widgets with social APIs like Google’s recently announced Open Social or the Facebook application platform.

Krim has declared : "We decided to re-engineer Netvibes around social services. When you see something on Netvibes and like it you can share it with friends on your public Netvibes timeline"

Watch here a demo of the new Ginger release (Quicktime).

The new Ginger release will present in the upper menu line a Friend icon that will call on your screen the icones of your friends and followers as in Twitter (like I had well guessed )

Among the new content offered, the demo shows a Weather's Friends widget.
I am quite sceptic for the use of such a widget but who knows...

Watch here a second demo of the Ginger release (Quicktime)
Here we can see another new icone on the upper menu line called : FLOW
By clicking on it , you will be able to check the activities of your friends on a timeline !!
You will have also a Private timeline and a public timeline. I guess that your public timeline will be the one available to your friends.
The Friends timeline is showing the activities of your friends: if they stared a link and which one, if they added a widget and which one, and so on...

On your personal timelines you will the same kind of informations.

I think that it is a good step for Netvibes, it gives a new dimension to your page even if you do not use as a social networking tool.

In the social networking field I think also that is the best move for Netvibes and it could provide a way to communicate between separated and closed social networking.

Netvibes could make people from Facebook and Myspace to meet in a single Netvibes page.

Just wait to see it from real !