New layout for NetEx: Pimp my Blog


no big news. But the new Ginger release and their Pimp Your Universe attitude has obliged me to revamp my layout.

If you have any suggestion...

New slogan from DataPortability reminds me of Netvibes...


“Connect. Control. Share. Remix” is the new slogan used by DataPortability Group.
but it reminds me the Coriander release from Netvibes: (Re)mix the web.

The DataPortability initiative has received the open endorsement of several prominent companies and individuals. They include Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Six Apart, Plaxo, Flickr, Twitter and others (..., Netvibes, ...).


How to track visitors on your Netvibes Universe


If you want to know How many Visitors came to to visit your Universe, Where they came from, How long they stayied well you need to use a tracker.

The solution came from a post by jnuk on his AcideWeb a French Blog:

Go to Google Analytics and sign in for the service (you need a Gmail email) . Google Analytics is free to all advertisers, publishers, and site owners and YES with your Universe on Netvibes you are a site owner!

Follow the simple instructions, copy/paste the tracker in the ADD CONTENT/ESSENTIAL WIDEGTES/HTML widget. Google Analytics offers you 2 trackers, I choose the ga.js (do not ask why, I do not know, but it works ;) ).

In the instructions, Google suggested to put the tracker before the CLOSE BODY tag or paste the code segment into the bottom of your content, immediately before the tag of each page you are planning to track.
I put the The HTML model in my first TAB of my Public Universe but I think it could work any where... (to be confirmed).

Wait at least 24h before checking the results...

We need more data from experts on this but it is a start...


Netvibes Ginger will bring a new battle for "domain" names ?


With the Ginger release coming for everyone and the possibility for anyone to choose his preferred Universe Name, there is a high risk of finding a lot of Coca-cola, Nike, Prada Universes... like what happened during the Internet Domain names war.

Of course Brand Names are subject to the Netvibes -Terms of Service (ToS) stating:

Conduct of Users:...
"...not to make available any content that you do not have the lawful right to transmit (including any content that would violate any confidentiality or fiduciary obligations you might have), that would infringe the intellectual or proprietary rights of any third party (including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, service mark or patent rights), or that would violate the right of privacy or publicity of any public or non-public persons;"

But what about Institutions like: Onu, Unicef, European Parliament or Public Names like: Carla Bruni, George Clooney, Barack Obama, ... ? Are they going to be available for an Universe name ?

Of course, Netvibes ToS has a prevision by which:

"In case of any violation of the above, Netvibes reserves the right to cancel or rename your account and/or to block you from accessing the Site as well as to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, governmental request or partner request, at its sole discretion. Netvibes also reserves the right to block the distribution of Your Content or any Third-Party Content through the Service."

and also:

"Netvibes provides its users (“You”), for a non-commercial personal use, with a fully-customizable Site" but it will be difficult to check every Universe...

But it will be interesting to see what names will flourish... and if that could also be a source of revenues for Netibes.


Leave a short Note on My Netvibes Universe and get the Widget for yours


A few days ago I was looking for a simple way for my Friends to leave me a short note on my Netvibes Universe.

Thanks to Chris, I have the solution. It is not a Pure Netvibes Solution as we use a Pageflakes widget (they Call it Message Board Flake). Hey that is WEB3.0 !!

But the result is OK.

Try it, leave me the Url of your Universe so I can check it and get the Widget for your Netgvibes page and/or Universe with the SEND THIS MODULE option.

My Message Board is here. Hey, it works, already 2 messages ! Thanks!


Use your Update Status as a internal Netvibes Twitter.


I am testing Ginger and using the Update Status fonction as Netvibes internal Twitter, an instant messaging service.
To do that you click on your Profile and you have an Update your Status function.

First erase the text you wrote before with RESET (this function has been added a few days ago, Thanks netvibes ;), then type a short message max 150. Click Ok. And it is done!
All your friends looking at "FRIENDS ACTIVITY" will read your message!
Yourself you can read it to but on :"MY PUBLIC ACTIVITY".

Tell me what you think about it.
The big advantage is that you do not have to register to Twitter on the other hand you communicate only with your Netvibes Friends but that is Ok, no ?

Now, this service should become a little bit more friendly, perhaps the Window used for showing the Activities sould have an option for showing more vertical space.

And why not to have the possibility to add a small picture?

That Update Status should also get a new Name like: ... Vibes
and then become the Internal Instant Message service that also Ouriel Ohayon from French Techcrunch is waiting for Netvibes.


Have you voted for the Netvibes Poll n°1 ?


have you voted for the Netvibes Poll n°1 ?
No registration, no Login, no nothing !

Go here !

And for the results, go here !

My improvements list n°1 for next Ginger Upgrade


as I am testing the new Ginger release from Netvibes I have a short list of requests for Improvements ;):
SUBJECT: Send this Widget/tab

All the widgets and tabs that you have in your page can be sent to someone.

A) You can send widgets:

  1. to "my Universe" from "my private page" and viceversa (the widgets goes on the first tab on the left)
  2. You can send them to friends (by email ) where you can Personalize the Message . You can also use an instant messaging service.
  3. You can share them on your blog (or any other HTML page) (with "Copy the following HTML" code into your blog that will create a +netvibes button that will be used by your visitors to add the widgets in their own Netvibes page)
  4. A forth possibility is in the pipeline ? it should be the * Add to my picks.
But not all the widgts can be sent with first 3 solutions

The TWITTER WIDGET (from add :content/essential widgets) can only be sent to a friend ( by email) or shared on my blog (by html) but not My Universe ! When the Widget is in the My Universe, I have the option send it to my private page! Why ?

B) When you send widgets, usually you are asked if you prefer to send them "preconfigured". That is interesting to send a Search (web, blog, images,...) or a webnote.
But not all widgets offer that possibility.

The IMAGE WIDGET (from: add content/essential widgets) can only be sent by Email or Instant Messaging but it does not come with the image you inserted...

C) I am not able to send an entire TAB preconfigurated to a friend by email.The possibility exists but is not working for me...

Well, for a Private beta is still a very good release and I am sure the Netvibes team must recover from the huge work of the last upgrading ;)

Netvibes' 3 sources of Revenues by Tariq Krim (CEO)


I was looking and a fresh video intereview of Tariq Krim, CEO of Netvibesfrom Davos (Switzerland) made by Robert SCOBLE for his blog.

The main information is the statement by Tarqi himself of the 3 sources of Revenues for Netvibes after the Ginger update that will be available for all in mid-February:

  1. Branded Pages : Netvibes builds Private pages for other companies.
  2. Advertising Widgets: Netvibes is studying ways to insert micro-advertising in to the widgets.
  3. Netvibes is going to be a "Widget Market Place" and will offer better positioning in their search to "Sponsored Widgets.
Look yourself at the video:

And here a link to GigaOm on the same subject.


New batch of GINGER Invitation will be available soon


If you are still looking for a Netvibes' GINGER invitation for the Beta Private here is the news:

"Another batch of invites will be available after giving some muscle to our servers. Those invites will be reserved to facebook members who were registred on this group but unfortunately used their code while it has already expired. "

Go check the Facebook Netvibes' group


Netvibes: 1,020 for "I HAZ GINGER" on GOOGLE


for "I HAZ GINGER" you have on Google : 1,020 results.

Who has not done his homeworks ?

Looking for a way to let Friends leave a short message in My own Netvibes Ginger Universe


I am looking for a way to let my "Friends" leave a short message directly in my Netvibes Universe.

Do you know any widget or any other solution ?
Would prefer not to have to register or login to anything.
Perhaps, just a password should be requested...

Search Netvibes Universes by Name


I just found that in the new Ginger Version of Netvibes, you can search for Friends looking for their names, or better, the name of their Universe.

Just go to CONTACTS and type the string you want.
If you type netv you will get the new Netvibes Universe by Netvibes.

Little bug as my Universe is not showing up in my own search: ;( ...
so here is the link and the URL:

Netvibes Team in their office in Paris


as I travel trough the Universes, I found a picture of Netvibes team at work in Paris Office (some are missing...)

Netvibes is up again ;) ... still some bugs but that is why Ginger is still a Private Beta


my Netvibes page is up again ;)

but there are still some bugs... as I am not able to transfer one Tab by email to another user...

NETVIBES is almost down again, but no warning this time...


I can access my Netvibes page, but no feed is working only: weather , searches and webnotes...
No access to Universe.

But this time no warning or message from NETVIBES :( !!

Many complain for upgrading without any backup server...
This point is a serious one, for the Best International Startup ;) no matter if the service is for free and in Beta...


Netvibes is back to normal ;)


Netvibes is back:

Update: Everything is back to normal. The servers came up again at 8PM GMT (12AM PST). It took us then 30 minutes to digest the load of all the users refreshing their Netvibes every 20 seconds ;)

Netvibes will be down today at 5PM (GMT) for about 4 hours !!


Very important announcement from Netvibes Blog:

"You probably noticed some errors today around 1PM GMT (5AM PST) due to heavy load. We thought that you would love our new Ginger features but we didn't expect such a success!
In order to prevent any additional load problems we'll take this opportunity to bring the site down at
5PM GMT (9AM PST) in order to upgrade the database servers. The expected downtime is about 4 hours which will give us the ability to fix this and prepare the next wave of upgrades and features.
We'll of course let you know as soon as everything is up again.
Thank you very much for you patience and see you all soon on Ginger."

Be careful and save what you need, on the other hand get a copy of data you will need once Netvibes is down! This brings up again the problem of Data Back-up.

In my case I store ideas, links and small data directly on Netvibes :(

Netvibes to introduce micro-banners widgets ads and text ads.


While everybody is testing the new Ginger release (5.000 invitations in a few hours) and giving definitive opinions in a few minutes;) I was looking at a post from Erick Schonfeld on Techcrunch in which Tariq Krim, CEO and founder of Netvibes, would have express himself over the future of Widgets Monetization, and by that on the future of Netvibes revenues :

"Netvibes is part of OpenSocial and T. Krim’s had Bebo-like discussions with Facebook. “Both consortia would like us to be exclusive on their technology,” he sighs. (Sounds like the platform war is in full swing). Krim says he wants to work with both OpenSocial and Facebook.

Ultimately, T. Krim doesn’t care where you consume his widgets. By the end of the first quarter, he plans on introducing widget ads in the form of micro-banners and text ads.

The problem with widget ads, though, is that there are no standards.
“We need the equivalent of OpenSocial for advertising,” he laments.

If only everyone could agree on how to make money, the widget economy might actually come into existence."

That is interesting and must be confirmed.


Congratulations and thanks to Netvibes Team for Ginger !


I wanted to thank publicly All the Netvibes Team for their hard work and kind assistance!

Only 50 invitations left for Netvibes new Ginger release!


To the first 50 fastest reader of this blog, here is our own invitation code: NETVIBERXP

Go to : http://ginger.netvibes.com/ and register.

If you have time, let us knwo the name of your new Universe ;)

GO !!!!

Ginger Private beta update available: Not for all !!


Netvibes is giving out the first invitations for the new Ginger Update test in Private beta:

go to The official Ginger website is now open at ginger.netvibes.com.

Move fast, there will not be for everybody...

Netvibes will follow Myspace and Facebook for Content ?

just read on TechCrunch this post from Michael Arrington concerning the quest of Content from the 2 leaders of WEB2.0 Social Networking Sites:

"MySpace continues to roll out local versions of its social network. ...they tend to put a team on the ground locally (they are now hiring in Turkey) and then build the site not only in the local language, but promote local artists and other popular culture as well. MySpace now has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Sydney, Mexico City, Sao Palo, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Tokyo, and Beijing. Offices will be opening up soon in Mumbai, Moscow, and Istanbul.

Facebook is taking a radically different approach - tapping users to do all the hard work for them. They are picking and choosing markets (Spanish was opened first, two weeks ago; today German and French were launched) and asking just a few users to test out their collaborative translation tool. Once the tool is perfected and enough content has been translated, Facebook will offer users the ability to quickly switch the language on the site, per their preference.

As, I already written more than once, Netvibes will also have to go, fast, for more Content, not only local...


Second Positive impression on the new Ginger update from Netvibes


This is the second part of my Ginger update testing.

I am testing this time the new Contacts option that is one of the most important improuvements of this Update as it is the begging of the social twist from Netvibes.

With the mouseover you can read on the Contacts' icon:
"subscribe to other's people universes and check out who is reading my stuff"

By clicking on it , your Netvibes page frees some space for:
Friends (and their Number)
Followers (and their number)
and a Find friends search

Friends are users with an Universe and that you have selected with "add friend" after having clicked on the user icon on the Upper right corner.
In the same way you can remove a friend.

Followers are people tha thave done the same with your Universe.

By clicking on the Friends and Followers icon of your Friends Universes you can visit other Universes and so on...

At the moment there is no limit to this, as there is no option to restrict the view of your Universe.

Find Friends is a search by email in GMAIL, Yahoo MAIL, Hotmail/MSN, Twitter, Flickr, AIM.
The Facebook icon is already there, but everyone is waiting for the Facebook decision "to free" their users => Another good reason to escape from Facebook ;) .
You have to give your Usernames and Passwords to access these services, but Netvibes states :"We won't store you login info or contact anyone without your permission.".

Trust them, as you already done to check you emails and other services and you may able to find other friends if they have registred with Netvibes with a "real email".
Yes, because, I must confess that at the beginning I used a fake one and it worked well... so my advice: Change for a good working email account if you want an upgrade with Ginger !


What could be improved for next Ginger Update release of Netvibes (part1)


As the Netvibes Galactic Team, also the Netvibers are never complitely satisfied ...

After the first Positive impression here are some improvements I would like to see for the next Update to have an even better Netviber experience ;) :

  1. the possibility to arrange freely the widgets in the Tab alternatively with the "rigid" 1-2-3-4 columns that is the actual option. That is required if you are not using only Widgets for Feed reading but if you want to show Images, or Web sites, or even Webnotes that could cover more than 1 column...

  2. the possibility to choose Content, Widgets and Friends not only in the way the order established by Netvibes but also with an alphabetic order and a more recent order.

  3. the PREVIOUS-NEXT navigation button should be replaced by a LAST-FIRST button, allowing to search in the 2 directions. Because at the moment you can only start looking for the content from the first. But if you used the LAST anf FIRST directions you would cut searches lenghts by 2. (When you have 40-60 widgets or friends to look at it can save time...
  4. Universes should have also the option to be restricted "only to selected friends" with a specific password but no login . This option would increase dramatically the viral capabilities of Netvibes as you could send this Universe to friends and family with no need for them to register to view your Universe and knowing that nobody "not fromthe group" can see it or use it.
  5. The SEARCH for the content is not working as I would like. If I search for my Blog feed: "netviber experience" I have 6 results but not my blog :( But the SEARCH has received anyway a big improvement over last version as now on the right side of the results you have 4 search boxes (Web, Blog, Images and Video) that are already presetted with your search string !!! Perfect. So if I use the Web search I can Add the Search box in my Tab then look for the Link I want than look for the rss and add it to my site. Not easy but working...

(to continued)

First impressions of Netvibes' Ginger private beta upgrade (part 1)


I'm playing with the new Netvibes Ginger Private beta upgrade and I must say that it is a real improvement over Ginger.

At this stage I will not comment on the My Universe side as I'am trsting it.

But on the General Netvibes Use here are the first differences I spotted, all positive:

  • add content: is much faster , with thumbnails for the choice prsented by 12-18 at the time !. you clickor you drop and that'isit!
  • rss feeds: you can star them (it will show in your "activity" with its direct link and you can even a public or private note for it. Very usefull for Blogging...
  • rss feeds: as said yesterday, you can now show the Post Date.


  • Search: when looking for content, widgets and feeds you do not need to go in the ecosystem anymore. You have a search box there. I am not fully satisfied with it (see my post on improvements) but there is a big improvement over the last version: as now on the right side of the results you have 4 search boxes (Web, Blog, Images and Video) that are already presetted with your search string !!! Perfect.

to be continued...


New Ginger Upgrade offers Show Post Date option for reading feeds


I am testing the new Ginger Upgrade and while I am still trying to understand the possible uses for My Universe, I have noticed a new option concerning the Feeds reading: the SHOW POST DATE.

A new, awaited option. Thanks Netvibes Galactic Team !

Netvibes Ginger Update for all released in February !


in the same message the Netvibes Galactic Team announces that :

...preparing Netvibes for the general release that will be in February, we count on you to help us building the coolest productand we hope that your universe will be wild and funky. In few words,we would really appreciate your feedback.

UPDATE: targeting full migration in mid february.

"I HAZ Ginger!" : new Ginger Private Beta Update


here is The Netvibes Galactic Team message:

"If you blog about it,don't forget to remember that it is a beta and that the product is still in dual mode (Ginger/Coriander), so it could have some impact onperformances."

I will... and HAZ fun with Ginger!

new Ginger Private Beta upgrade arrrives as Netvibes wins Crunchie 2007 for Best International Startup!


so I was right yesterday guessing that the imminent Ginger Private BetaUpdate was to follow the 2007 Crunchie Awards where Netvibes has won the "Best international start-up" .


Will the new Ginger Update follow the 2007 Crunchies Awards?


Tariq Krim, Netvibes' CEO, has relaunched his own Public Universe.

It was just about time as it was awarded the "Poorest Uuniverse Award for 2007"...

The Universe is not, per se, very interesting as nothing is really new. I would like to see a Public version of the TRAVEL TAB of Tariq as is traveling all year around and for sure he must have a good one, no ?

Anyway, all that is just to pass time waiting for the new Ginger Update.

It was promised by Tariq for "Next Thursday" and so we wait for another "next thursday"...

But perhaps, Tariq is waiting for the Ginger Update for the results of the "more prestigious" 2007 CRUNCHIES AWARDS to be awarded this evening in San Francisco at 7.30PM local time?

I would bet on Netvibes, at least on "the Best international start-up" category.

And you, have you thought at what kind of Public Universe you are going to release, when and if Ginger comes for you ?

Let me know as I have prepared new categories for the BEST PUBLIC AWARDS 2008 !


Do you have a Fat laptop ? I do...


a nice and fun video, nothing to do with Netvibes (the exception that confirms the rule) about the FAT LAPTOPS ? Do you have one ? I do ...


Are you going to be part of the next Ginger Upgrade?


This Thursday, the Netvibes Ginger Upgrade will be reality for the first 2.500 registred users !

That is the message posted by Tariq Krim, Netvibes' CEO:

"we are starting a new wave of invitations for ginger starting next thursday, and we will invite all the 2500 first people you registered in this group."


Netvibes Partners With China's Premier Network of Web Properties, Sohu, and Web Browser, Maxthon


Here is the news: Netvibes Partners With China's Premier Network of Web Properties, Sohu, and Web Browser, Maxthon, to Promote the Global Exchange of Universal Widgets.

Sohu is the foremost network of leading web properties and portals in China and represents one of the biggest developer communities in the world. Sohu announced its new Open Widget Platform on January 1, 2008, and held the first Sohu Open Widget Developer Forum two days later. Sohu Open Widget Platform supports Netvibes UWA to empower its developer community to rapidly develop and distribute universal widgets across the web. All Netvibes Universal Widgets now are compatible with the Sohu Open Platform and all Sohu universal widgets will be distributed across the Netvibes Ecosystem.

First Interesting Netvibes Universe: I love Politics ! (Netviber Experience rating of 10/10)


I have jus found this Universe, ILovePolitics, finally a Netvibes Universe with real content and real work done to prepare it.

Created by French Marjorie Paillon, is the most complete site about the US Presidency election.

With 21 Tabs and hundreds of feeds, news, videos, humor,data, maps, dates, polls,... from the USA, UK and France, ILovePolitics Universe is the place to go to follow this great event.

That is what I mean when I was writing about content and "Human content aggregation" !

It is with this kind of content, that Netvibes could really become popular. Yes, the vast majority of my friends and all my family do not understand what is an RSS and when they do they are not able to find and get some. But they can read it, if its ready made !

And here Netvibes is the best: you just keep the feeds you like !! You place them as you want ! and slowly you get ideas and you can start searching for something...

That could be "part of the viral" approach that Netvibes needs to explode.

Only small critic: the Headline picture for the Universe i quite big when I watch it from my LapTop...

In conclusion: Netviber Experience Rating: 10/10


Netvibes joins Dataportability group:


Tariq KRIM, founder and CEO of Netvibes, has just announced that after: Google, Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, Flickr, also Netvibes was joining the Dataportability working group.

We all use Google, Facebook, Flickr, or a similar kind of service and almost every day we have problems transfering or just using data from one service to the other. I can upload my contacts to Facebook but I can not download them ...

The Objectives of this working group is:
" To put all existing technologies and initiatives in context to create a reference design for end-to-end Data Portability. To promote that design to the developer, vendor and end-user community."

In other words, The group is working on a variety of projects where users could take their data from the websites they use to reuse elsewhere. On the other side, vendors could leverage safe cross-site data exchange for a whole new level of innovation.

That move is another step towards an increase integration of Social life that could lead to my "dreamed single social interface".

But remember that a working group is by no means sure to achieve its goals...

If youn are that interested you can join or just read the Google's Public Group on Data Portability.


You can check more than 1 gmail account with Netvibes


I need to check my 3-4 GMAIL accounts. Everytime I have to reenter USER and PASSWORD.

I hoped that Netvibes could help me.
You have a GMAIL widget. I installed and it works perfect.
Then I dupliacated it, i changed user and pass settings and it started to work!

So I have 2 GMAIL widgets checking 2 different GMAIL accounts but I can only read the Object of the email.
Top read the full email, I still have to Login manualy for every Gmail account.

It bothers me but I am not the only one. Check here.


First Results of the NETVIBES POLL: a Private Universe and a Netvibes Community


the first results of the 2008 NETVIBES POLL (that you can vote here on the right column)
are available and we get among others:

1) 72% would like the possibility to have : Only a Private Group of Friends to access a specific page or Universe

2) 59% would like to be part of a "Wide Netvibes Community" ?

They are interesting as they give more indication of the social twist available with the new Ginger update of Netvibes that we are all waiting. (Have you given your name on the Facebook Netvibes Group ?)

A Private Universe, that could be seen and, why not used, by a small private group and in the same time a bigger, larger Community of users of the same service, focused on Netvibes.

It is not new, per se, but all this is new for Netvibes.


What Netvibes and Facebook have in common ?


with the new Ginger update coming It would be interesting to think at what Netvibes and Facebook have in common.

Today I have not time to do it but I found a very intersting user interview by Alex Iskold of ReadWriteWeb that gives some ideas...


Poorest Netvibes Universe Award 2007: the Day After


Yesterday I published my Poorest Netvibes Universe Award 2007 where the winner was ... TARIQ's UNIVERSE, the Universe created by Netvibes CEO.

And, all the Net (we all can dream) was buzzing about that!

So, a strong reaction was waited !

If it was the Mark Zuckerberg CEO's FACEBOOK that had won a similar award, I could have received something like this:

"Peter 'Coz' Bourde 11:29pm January 6th
I'm an engineer at facebook and I'm writing to ask if you would be willing to take down the link to your Awards. Based on your comment on TechCrunch I suspect you anticipated this would be coming at some point. Even if your intended use of such an Award is noble (as I'm sure it is), the simple script you have posted on your site is (and has always been) against our terms of service. Said more shortly, we just can't let people Award aginst our site outside of the platform; it's a slippery slope.
We'd obviously like to resolve this without disabling your account or getting the lawyers involved if possible, so please let me know as soon as you've taken the Award down so that our legal department doesn't get all fired up about this.
thanks,Peter Bourde Facebook Engineer
(for an original one look here)

So I was a fraid of Tariq Krim reaction ! I checked all night my mails and my Netvibes account. Nothing. All was working... No lawyers, no engineers ...
Netvibes was not like Facebook.

Then, when all was quite: THE REACTION !

TERRIBLE , GIGANTIC ... I was destroyed !!

I screamed: Stop !! Stop !! Do not shoot anymore ! I was hit where it hurts !!


All of that because I had seen TARIQ reaction.

If you go on his Universe you will see it : THE ULTIMATE BOMB !!

Go, see for yourself...



come on ...

You do not see it ?

in green ...

come on ...

Yes, you are right...


14 letters and signs that were changing everithing !!

the change was this message:

(in progress ;) )

I was Checkmate.

It was the end ;)


Poorest Netvibes Universe Award 2007


since the big success (I tripled my audience) of my NETVIBER EXPERIENCE's Best Public Netvibes Universes Awards 2007 and with the increasing participation to the Online Netvibes POLL, I have decided to present also the:

NETVIBER EXPERIENCE's POOREST Public Netvibes Universes Awards 2007 .

At the moment there is only a winner (if we can call him like that) of that sad category.

This Universe was chosen for many reasons:

1) complete useless Universe as everithing shown there (4 widgets), is just personal...

2) awful headerBackground with some kind of green grass...

3) only one original widget: but it is just the ... Raving Rabbids saying : bwaaaaaaaaah

4) but the main reason to choose it, is because of its author: this Universe was made by Tariq KRIM , himself !
Yes, Netvibes CEO and founder shows us this poor Universe !
So, the NETVIBER EXPERIENCE's Poorest Netvibes Universes Awards 2007 goes to:

But I am sure, as Tariq is the best asset of Netvibes, that Tariq did his Universe as this on purpose!

Yes, he wanted that all of us could feel proud to be able, one day to build a better, nicer, more usefull Public Universe!

Thanks Tariq!

Now I think too, that I will be able to do something better!

Anyway, if you want to see it, here is a Print screen of the Winner and tell if I am wrong!


new NETVIBES POLL available !


I have created a new NETVIBES POLL to better understand what are the needs of users waiting for the Ginger Release.

I have done it with MISTERPOLL and if Netvibes wants it I will transfer to them the download of the results that are anyway available to all of you here.

So, thank you in advance.

GO HERE for the new NETVIBES POLL n°1 , no signing or email needed !

Results of the 1st POLL on Netvibes


Some weeks ago I launched the first Poll on Netvibes here on Netviber Experience:

Simple question:


  1. Reading Feeds : 92%
  2. Checking Websites : 52%
  3. Keeping Bookmarks : 42%
  4. Syncronizing different Computers : 39%
  5. Searching the Web : 31%

So with no surprise the First actual use for Netvibes is as a Feed Reader.

Probably the Ginger socializing Update if coupled with better content should switch the uses of Netvibes towards "communication" and "information" in a larger sense.

It could be interesting to read the Polls that Netvibes has SURELY already produced on their service especially now that more than 2000 users waiting for an upgrade.


The NETVIBER EXPERIENCE's Best Public Netvibes Universes Awards 2007


While I'm still waiting for my Ginger Upgrade, I visited the Public Universe of Tariq KRIM, CEO of Netvibes.
This time his Univers was listing its 67 Friends.

So I checked all of them to see what it was all about. As the content published was not at all impressive (a lot of widgets with facebook, twitter, gmail, basic feeds,...) I decided to spot for you what I think is the best of the Public Universes on Netvibes at the end of 2007.
So here are my NETVIBER EXPERIENCE' s Best Public Netvibes Universes AWARDS for 2007:

and finally my preferred page

  • BEST ARTY PAGE/TAB is an all graphic Universe tab/page by LOLITA (sic)

For all of those who were not checked or that have made or seen better tabs and Universes feel free to show them to me. We will have another round of Awards in 2008.


ZYMEE: another Netvibes clone


I have just visited ZYMEE, a chinese homepage with widgets.

From the Image above , you have just the impression to see the Coriander update of Netvibes !!

Sale colours, same 3 column disposition, same left column for the Content, same login sign in upper right corner, same...

But if you click on a widget, you will see the same colour choice, almost the same text than in Netvibes, as the third choice is quite revealing:


Well, just another copy, another Netvibes clone.