I published my PARIS (France) Tab in Netvibes ecosystem


after my London (UK) tab, I have just published the Paris (France) tab in the Netvibes ecosystem.

I compiled more than 50 feeds, logs and widgets on the French capital. It will be usefull for Parisians and visitors. Unfortunately the majority are in French (it would help an online translator for Feeds...).

Here is the list:

Cityvox Paris Adresses
sommelier, Paris
Perturbations en Ile de France
Cityvox Paris Evenements
Le Blagueur à Paris
Cityvox Paris Accueil
Horaires RATP
Cityvox Paris Les sorties cinéma dans les salles parisiennes
paris.thover.com en
Trafic RATP
Les Echos - ile de France
Carte des expos en cours à Paris - Artscape.fr
Audio Guide de Paris gratuit
Pages Blanches
20minutes - Paris
Toutes les photos taggée avec paris
WiFi Hotspots Finder
ViStA aime... ou pas !
V-Trafic - Information Trafic en temps réel
Expos à l'affiche
Paris traffic
Paris Logue
leParisien.com - L'info du Parisien
Photos de Cent déclics
The Paris Blog: Group Blog about Paris, France
Paris etudiant / Agenda Soirees
Jazz in Paris News
Wombat Agenda
Wombat City guide
Paris etudiant / Agenda Expos
Lesinrocks - CONCERTS
AlloCiné -
Le Figaro - Culture
Daily art news
Google News - Culture
Le Monde : Culture
Comme Au Cinema : Actu

Best of Paris (France): 51 widgets : Wether, Traffic, Culture, Blogs, Transportation, Maps, News, Photos, Audio guides, rent a bike stations, Bars, Night life, Exhibitions,...


New: Netvibes Premium Universes


Netvibes is announcing the creation of Premium Universes.

A Netvibes Univers brings together and delivers on a single Netvibes page all of a brand's rich online media, including RSS feeds, websites, podcasts, videos, blogs, photos, stores and widgets, which can be remixed according to each user's personal preferences and interests.

Premium Universes are the same but the Premium Netvibes Univers is embeded in the Web site of the Announcer. Check here the Premium Universe of Le Figaro Newspaper web site called Myfigaro and you will see the Url is: http://www.lefigaro.fr/monfigaro/.

You can add feeds, widgets or all the tab to your own Netvibes page.

If you click on the upper left side link of the embeded Netvibes Univers "go to your own private Netvibes page" you go there but with the new Upper Headline from the Figaro.

Fred Mini, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Netvibes, in his French blogs adds "for those interested" that these Premium Universe are "Not for Free"... That means that could be a "source of revenues".

What I do not understand is the interest for the Netvibes partner/announcer .
If I can import the single Premium Univers feed or widget in my own Netvibes page, I will no more be exposed to the "contestual world" of the Announcer...

And if in the future, if this Embeded Netvibes is a success, then the hundred of cloned applications will be available to integrate this kind of Feeds Aggregator service in any website.

The New York Times has just followed another way. They have built their own Netvibes like starting page called My Times: a free service that lets you create a personalized page with what you like best in The New York Times and your favorite sites and blogs from all over the Web. This personalized service makes it easy to read all that you like, from one central place.

If you want to choose between the 750 Universes offered by Netvibes go here.

Another practical Use for Netvibes


I was wondering what are the real practical uses for Netvibes.

For sure the first one is as a Personal Feed Aggregator Reader : multiple feeds from different sources in a smaller and compact presentation all on the same page (Ex: the Web 2.0 Tab)

But I found another practical use for Netvibes as a Searching Page for multiple Data Libraries: as reported by CMB, a medical library in the north of the Netherlands who presents a list of search modules.


Try Netvibes on the iphone


tariq Krim has just announced the definitive version of Netvibes on the iphone.

Want to see what it looks like (even if you have not the iphone or you are not using an Apple) then go here: http://iphone.netvibes.com
and with your Netvibes user and pass you will access a very nice Netvibes version.

Tabs are in Vertical order, colours are in the Blues.
Feeds reading is ok, it also shows images.
At the moment the only difference I see with the Coriander Version of Netvibes is in the Webnotes where the Url links are not working.

Looks like that external widgets as "Any Url" are not working either.

Well, quite nice, I could be tempted...


More details on Netvibes TABS


back to the desk , with some minor interesting change with Netvibes Tabs.

As you know, TABS are single pages with all their content: RSS feeds, calendars, webnotes, widgets ... You can find the 3.689 Tabs already available by looking in the Netvibes Ecosystem.

Untill now you could choose the Tabs just by its short description and the first 2-3 items but now if you click on the Tabs Page ( like the one for my LONDON UK ) you will be able to look at all the content. With the Mouse Over you can read all Link Locations.
That way you could souscribe just to a single item content of the chosen Tab!

That gives a better view of the Tab content... The way for Netvibes to the better Content is a long one but this one is another step.


Netvibes presents the Facebook Widget


Netvibes has just announced the Facebook Widget.

Now the Netvibers will be able to check their Facebook accounts on the Netvibes page.

On the Content side, Netvibes is using Facebook (as any other external source) to try to increase its own audience: that's fair enough but Facebook does not accept the situation.

In fact, Facebook does not currently allow outsider providers to access their News Feed.

In other words, Facebook won't let you display your News Feed from the front page in your widget (or change your status for that matter.) . Facebook is then retaing its own content to be viewed on its own website.

That way, Facebook increases the traffic on its own site. Facebook future tactic could be to create a Netvibes style platform and offer it to its own audience to keep them there.

The WEB PORTALS 2.0 are coming ...

More infos:

- for Competition from Homepages with Facebook: "To compete with Facebook as a social network, they need to attract third party developers - and quickly."

- for Competition between Facebook and Myspace: "Facebook’s strategy is almost the polar opposite from MySpace. While MySpace frets over third party widgets, alternatively shutting them down or acquiring them, Facebook is now opening up its core functions to all outside developers."