Netvibes announces over 500 Universes


Today at 5PM CET Netvibes will present over 500 UNIVERSES.

After the launch in April of the concept of Universe, Netvibes has concluded a series of deals with major Content Providers.

Here is the Official Press Release by Netvibes:

PARIS, June 21 /CNW/ - Netvibes, the pioneer of the personalized
homepage, today announced partnerships to publish hundreds of official content
Universes for major media and e-commerce companies, celebrities and
non-profits, dramatically changing the landscape of personalized media online.

A Universe brings together and delivers on a single Netvibes page all of
a brand's rich online media, including RSS feeds, websites, podcasts, videos,
blogs, photos, stores and widgets, which can be remixed according to each
user's personal preferences and interests.

In April, Netvibes launched Netvibes Universe with an initial list of
over 100 pilot content Universes that included major media companies,
non-profits (Harvard) and celebrities (50 Cent, Moby) across the United
States. Today's announcement will expand that number to over 500 partners
around the world, spanning Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,
Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

"This is concrete proof that the future of all media lies in deep
personalization. No other Internet company can claim as many officially
branded content partnerships in this many countries and languages," said Tariq
Krim, CEO and founder of Netvibes. "What does this mean for audiences? Your
favorite content, your way."

Global Partnerships
What began with a focus on U.S. media companies, including CBS,
Forbes.com, Newsweek, TIME, Washingtonpost.com, and USA Today, Netvibes
Universe now encompasses a wide scope of media alliances in a variety of
sectors around the world. New major media Universes include:
-- Europe: International Herald Tribune, IDG UK, Die Welt,
Computerworld, Les Echos, Le Figaro, Le Monde.fr, L'Equipe, 20 Minutes, Elle
France, El Pais, El Mundo and Rockol.it
-- Asia: Agile Media, ChinaVenture, eNet, HiPiHi HoodongWiki and Sports CN
-- North America: U.S. News and World Report, Wired, Topix, Inside
Edition, Entertainment Tonight, Glam.com, Brightcove, ContentNext Media,
CollegeHumor, Dr. Phil and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

"Personalization, customization and interoperability between content
platforms is a reality of today's Web. By partnering with Netvibes in Europe,
we are widening our reach and offering new and existing users the ability to
access IDG content via Netvibes' exciting new Universe feature, which
aggregates RSS content from our leading brands such as Computerworld,
Techworld, Macworld and PC Advisor into customizable, manageable and themed
modules," said Kit Gould, managing director at IDG UK.

"To serve our global audience, it is important for our readers to be able
to personalize news feeds according to their interests," said Nick Stout,
deputy managing editor of the International Herald Tribune. "Netvibes lets our
readers in more than 150 countries customize the way they view and use iht.com

"The Netvibes Universe enables us to consistently continue our 'online
first' strategy. It provides our users with comfortable and fast access to our
latest content - apart from the print edition and the website WELT ONLINE,"
says Peter Wurtenberger, chairman of the management board at Axel Springer AG.

Netvibes has also experienced tremendous international growth with
e-commerce companies, celebrities and non-profits.

New highlights include:
-- eCommerce & Enterprise: Cetelem, Edgeio, Etelos, Sage, Shopping.com,
-- Celebrities & Movies: 60+ artists & films, through a partnership with
Buddylube, now including Beyonce, Gnarls Barkley, Jamiroquai, P. Diddy, Rush
Hour 3, Hair Spray
-- Non-Profits & Institutions: 200+ organizations, through a partnership
with Freelanthropy.com, including Boys and Girls Clubs, Operation Smile,
Ronald McDonald House, UK National Museum of Science and Industry, USGS.gov
"Our artists want to get closer with their audience and build community.

Universes are the perfect portals to transport fans into the lives of our
artists," said Kathy Baker, senior director of digital media at Columbia

"Demand from new content partners for Netvibes Universe has experienced
tremendous growth since our introduction just a couple months ago. Five
hundred content partnerships is an important milestone for us and we expect to
add another 100 next week," said Freddy Mini, COO Netvibes.

To commemorate the momentum of their fast-paced international growth, the
company will host a press conference and VIP party this evening in Paris,
kicking off the city's annual Fete de la Musique.

For a complete list of all 500+ official content partners, please visit:


Netvibes is a 2007 Webware 100 Award Winner


Netvibes has just been nominated Winner in "The top 100 Webware sites for 2007" in the Browsers application.

Other winners in this category are:
Google Reader
Internet Explorer 7
My Yahoo

Over the course of 20 days in May and June, the community of Webware.com users voted for its favorite Web applications. These are the results: the top 100 Web apps, 10 in each of 10 categories, determined by Webware readers and the fans of the sites that made the final cut.

About the Webware 100 awards
There were more than 5,000 nominations for sites to be included in this awards program, which Webware's editors pruned to a list of 250 finalists. Users then voted on those finalists--there were 489,467 votes cast--to come up with these: The top 100 Webware sites for 2007.

Netvibes was not in the The top 10 vote winners, which accounted for 45 percent of all votes, were, in alphabetical order:
Gaia Online

But Netvibes received more than 1.000 votes! Good Work !!

PS: I voted for Netvibes.


NETVIBES numbers (Updated 12/06/07)


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I updated and completed the numbers about Netvibes (data in brackets= last known period). For sources check links.