Finally, a new HELP Page for Netvibes


Finally, Netvibes has started to care more about new users and old netvibers!

The Help Page is a good start.

Presented as a FAQ page, the Main subjects are :

  1. Getting Started
  2. How to registrer for netvibes and use it anywhere?
  3. What can I use to build my netvibes page?
  4. How do I manage my account?
  5. Privacy & Security
  6. How to switch from my old service to netvibes?
  7. Troubleshooting

Interesting on the righ side of the page there is a "Service Status" window. At the moment it says : "Everything is Ok".

Do you need more Help ? Have a question but can’t find it in our FAQ? Contact here the Netvibes support team for further assistance.


new: 19 Mirror URL for Netvibes: nv1, nv2, ...nv19


looking for my logs on this blog, I discovered a set of 19 MirrorURL for NETVIBES:


All those URLs open and give the same service than the "normal" one:


But you need to log in in every version (with your email and password) even if you are logged in with "normal" Netvibes

Those are probably test URLs, like a Netvibes Version 1,

Reading from the cookies they leave, as I had just logged in for the first time with the NV urls, the active users ID and the user ID are the same and of course growing (we have reached the 9.600.000s).
In this case, 1 active user (me) with the same content, 1 email and 1 password has increased by 19 units the User Counter!

By looking for it on Googles, I found that NV1 started working in August 2006.

I managed to work with different NV Urls opened and to have the data correctly reported on my WWW Url.

I would remain with the "normal URL" as I do not feel that the NV open faster. I would check later but for the moment the NV seem a little bit slower but perhaps it depends from cached data.


New Announcements by Netvibes at WEB2.0 in April


On his Blog, CEO Chappaz writes that new announcements will be made during the WEB2.o Expo conference in San Francisco next Month. (here the Schedule)

Freddy Mini COO, confirms on his own blog.

Wait and see!

Netvibes launches CORIANDER Part 2


A few days ago I have announced the launch by Netvibes of their new Coriander version and now Netvibes announces the Second and Final Step for Coriander !
With a bunch of new long waited features:

  1. EASY SHARING: You can now instantly share feeds, modules/widgets and Netvibes tabs by e-mail, by instant messaging or by publishing it on an Html page, a Blog or Myspace! It is easy, clear and it works. Just look for the Option Harrow in the Edit Bar.
  2. You can MOVE MODULES in your page directly from Edit bar of the Module with 6 harrows (right, left, up, down, top, bottom) . It is easier to work with when you have Big Modules/Feeds that you do not want to close.
  3. You have more detailed information to start using Netvibes from the Help Menu.
  4. MAP COMPARISON SEARCH Module to check Google, Yahoo and Live Maps.
  5. BETTER RSS reading capabilities for Images, videos etc...
  6. You can DUPLICATE any Module/feed (in the Edit bar) . Usefull, if you need the same info on different tabs.


  1. A total and Personalized Customization of Netvibes: Colours, Backgrounds, Fonts, Sizes...
  2. A rating system of MODULES, FEEDS, TABS offered by Netvibes
  3. A Security check on MODULES, FEEDS, TABS offered by Netvibes


10 things I want from my HOMEPAGE


I wanted to list here what I really want from my PERSONALIZED HOMEPAGE and I will rate how my Netvibes Home page complies today March 14 2007 (from 10= perfect to 0=not at all).


  1. OPEN DIRECTLY WITH NO LOGIN if I want to and OPEN FAST AND CHARGE FAST WHEN I NEED ANOTHER TAB (Netvibes = 6 and even 5 with the new slower Coriander version and no way to escape Login)
  2. SHOW THE NEWS FEEDS I choose with details or not, with pics or not, with direct links or not, with immediate preview, mixing different feeds, in a small space (Netvibes =10)
  3. SHOW MY CALENDAR DIRECLTY with the choice of a Montly, Weekly and daily view, and the possibility to present multiple calendars in just one space with different colours. (Netvibes= 4 , I need to embed the Google Calendar, but I have to login in first to see it on my Netvibes. Problems with colours and sizes).
  4. TAKE NOTES with a minimum of choices with Font sizes, Style and Coulours. Http links should open directly in an external page. (Netvibes =5 with the webnote module, ok for links, but no editing choice at all: frustrating!)
  5. SEARCH every Search Engine available. Ideal would be possibility to integrate the results in just one space . (Netvibes =9 almost every thing is there)
  6. SHOW JUST THE PIECE I WANT OF ANOTHER WAB PAGE that is not possible to import (like a webcam, a personalized Ebay search,... (Netvibes =3, with external modules, I am only able to have the Upper Left corner of a web page and I have to navigate. Protopage with their "Web Page Widget" has a module that rates 10).
  7. CHOOSE MY COLOURS, MY N° OF COLUMNS, MY SIZES, MY FONTS,... (Netvibes =2 very poor choice)
  8. IMPORT EASILY TESTED API (Netvibes =5, good choice of API but no test before submitting them to users)
  9. SHARE ALL OR SOME PART OF MY PAGE with friends, family, colleaugues (Netvibes=2 as I can only share feeds )
  10. BE SECURE from external attacks (Netvibes as all Ajax Home pages =5)

After this 10 points that at the moment I can think are the most important for me, Netvibes rates 50 points over 100 :


That means that there is still a lot to be done.

Now, are the Competitors of Netvibes better ? Let me know if you use them.

For the moment I stick to Netvibes.

NETVIBES Competitors: Unique Users Data

I resume here, from TECHCRUNCH, the Numbers of the Uniques Users(*) of PERSONAL HOME PAGES as tracked by COMSCORE in their January 2007 worldwide report.

My Yahoo : 50.2 millions Unique Users (Among Visitors Age 15+)
My MSN : 11.9
Google IG : 7.1
My AOL : 2.1
My Netscape : 0.7

There is only one big winner : My Yahoo !

The 50 millions Users of My Yahoo compared with the estimated worldwide audience of 747 millions credits this service of an impressive penetrationn rate of ...7% when the aggregate 72 millions of the Big 5 personal Home pages gives them a 10% rate.

The other Big Netvibes' Competitors are really far away... Even Google!

And Netvibes ? Too small audience to be selected by COMSCORE...

(*) For more details on ComScore methodology.


NETVIBES numbers (Updated 7/3/2007)



I updated and completed the numbers about Netvibes (data in brackets= last known period). For sources check links.

SIGNED-UP users claimed by Netvibes : 10 million (7.000.00) +43% (+40%)
estimated "real users" by webmonkian (see also in comments) : 1-2 million
ALL DAY USERS declared by Netvibes : 10% = 1.000.000
percentage of users that spend at least 1 hour per day on Netvibes: 33%
percentage of users that have Netvibes open “virtually the entire day” : 10%
number of employees : 11-50
venture capital investment: Accel Partners and Index Ventures for 12 mln US$ (August 2006)

total number of Modules (API) available: 675 (650) +4% (15%)
most downloaded module : Netvibes Customize by FaziBear : 26.754 (24.191)
total number of Feeds available: 11.503 (9.618) +20% (+20%)
most downloaded feed: Dream Girls by Kenny : 7.721 (6. 734)
total number of Podcast available: 836 (743) +13% (13%)
most downloaded podcast: this WEEK in TECH by Netvibes user : 1.466 (1.307)
total number of Events available : 179 (161) +11 (+15%)
most downloaded event: Musicians Birthdays by ZsoltP : 2.126 51.966)
total number of Tabs available: 3.508 (2.987) +17% (+24%)
most downloaded tab: Web 2.0 by Netvibes user : 5.323 (4.925)

number of Bookmarks for "Netvibes" on deli.ci.us : 19.296 (17.796) +8% (8%)
number of Blog search results for "Netvibes" on TECHNORATI : 39.848
number of News search results last 30 days for "Netvibes" on DIGG: 36
number of Web results for "Netvibes" on Google: 22.400.000 (24.400.000) -8%+17%
number of Image results for "Netvibes" on Google: 6.250 (4.760) +31% (+0% )
position of Netvibes for sources of TechCrunch traffic in December 2006: 6 with 32,444 referrals
traffic rank for Netvibes in Alexa.com : 734
country of origin according to Alexa.com: USA: 24.4% , F: 15.3%, D: 9.0%, UK: 6.7%, S: 6.5%
percent of Internet users who visited Netvibes last 3 monthes (Alexa.com) : 0.2095%
percentage of Netvibes for of all web aggregator clicks to FeedBurner publisher's content: 9%
percentage of Netvibes for all item views recorded by FeedBurner: 3%