... and Netviber Experience' (NetEx) blog will stop here !

Hi to all my readers,

When I started this Netviber Experience' blog in December 2006, Netvibes was a young 1 year old start-up.

Now Netvibes has turned 3 and is a "mature company" ;-).

I think that this blog has completed its mission and I have decided that this will be my last post here !

Don't be sad, I will continue to participate with my own posts in Netvibes itself.

Just follow me from my Universe: http://www.netvibes.com/netviberexperience .
(click on my profile and add me to your friends. It will be a pleasure for me :-)

Then I will also continue to post on twitter, friendfeed, facebook, ...

So thank you to all and...

Arrivederci !

Happy Brithday, Netvibes !!! 3 Years !!!

Time flies !!

Jouyeux Anniversaire !!!

Buon Conpleanno !!!

Happy Birthday !!!