Who is behind Netvibes ? part 1


never wondered to know who is behind Netvibes ?

Here is what I found ... not on their web site but looking on Google.

1) Tariq KRIM, Founder and first CEO of Netvibes (2005-2008): French, born October 25, 1972
Studied engineering at ENST in Paris, one of France's grandes écoles, and went back to America for an internship at Sun Microsystems.
On his blog, we are informed this Pionner of French Internet, back in 1993 had founded the first Web radio in Paris and was then fully involved in the new digital sound arena.
In 1996 he in the Sylicon Valley but hen he comes back to Paris to work as a joiurnalist for La Tribune. In 1997 he is back in the States where the Digital Music Industry is growing.
Back again in France in 1999 and, end 1999, he launches mptrois.com provinding download links to MP3 files with the agreement of the right holders.
The web site becomes then GenerationMP3.com a still successful French blog/Forum on MP3 players.
On the side, Tariq gets also involved with P2P networks and acts as a consultant for many different players of the internet business.

The 15th of September 2005, he launches NETVIBES.
In May 2008, Krim resigns as CEO but will remain on the Board.
New CEO is now Freddy Mini, former COO.

Video interview of October 2006 of Tariq on YouTube , another one of October 2006 on MobuzzTv, here another one of May 2006, a French interview of March 2006

2) Florent FREMONT, founder and developer of Netvibes: French, born 1978

Florent is a web developer specialized on interface design. He’s been developing rich internet applications in Flash since 1999, he is now devoted on building web2.0 services using Ajax and having fun with the DOM.
From his online CV we know that this young developer is involved with Netvibes development since July 2005. He is a founder with Tariq KRIM.
The first message in the Netvibes blog, the 15th September 2005 announcing the first release of netvibes was signed Florent Fremont.

Here an interview with Florent in French and here an early one of October 2005.
Old Blog of Florent FREMONT

3) Pierre CHAPPAZ, co-CEO Netvibes (June 2006-July 2007): French, born 1959 .

This former IBM and TOSHIBA manager with consulting experience decides in 1999 to launch Kelkoo.com with Remy Amouroux, Christophe Odin, Jerome Mercier et Mauricio Lopez.
Kelkoo has since then become the first European shopping search engine almost in every European country with more then 50 millions European users.
In 2004, the company is sold Yahoo for €475 million. Pierre spent a year with Yahoo! in various roles and ultimately as President of Yahoo! Europe.
Now in 2006, he is co-CEO of Netvibes and founder and CEO of Wikio a new user managed news search engine.
He is also director on the board of Photoways the European leader for online photo printing and advisor to the Index Ventures an European venture capital fund that is also founding Netvibes (and one of the first investors in SKYPE).

In July 2007, Pierre CHAPPAZ announces that is quitting all his fonctions in Netvibes but that he remains shareholder

Pierre CHAPPAZ blog in French

to be continued (PART 2) ...


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