Exclusive: NetEx blog is the first blog offering a "Star This Post" badge for Netvibes: 4*/5

A few weeks ago I was complaining ( ;) ) that I need a Netvibes activity badge to place on my blog .

Developer Sébastien Poivre (Gizmhail) has just sent me a test version and it is working!

As what I undestand it is working just for Blogger blogs and with FireFox but that is ok for a first draft ;)

Sébastien Poivre (Gizmhail) is also the author of the Netvibes Bookmarklets.
One of them works like the badge but you need to have installed in your FireFox .

NetEx rating: 4*/5
Perfect, just what I and other millions of Bloggers and readers need.
WordPress blogs will also have their own badge... And I am sure Tariq Krim will want one on his new blog ;)

I will report here the link to the definitive url for using this badge, when Sébastien will have a proper page for it.


Tariq KRIM steps down as Netvibes'CEO and is replaced by Freddy MINI

Fresh news from TECHCRUNCH blog:

"Tariq Krim is stepping down as CEO of Netvibes to “spend less time day-to-day” at the company and work on a “new project,” he tells me. (More details on that project later). He will remain on the board of the company and as a non-executive strategic adviser. Current Netvibes COO Freddy Mini will take over the helm as CEO."

“My role was to transfer Netvibes from a personal start page into a widget platform,” says Krim. He feels that the technical foundation for that shift has been completed with the recent release Ginger, the latest version of its site. "

Well, that is a big change and probably a necessary one. But Netvibes is losing a charismatic figure.

Pierre CHAPPAZ, former Co-CEO of Netvibes and founder of Kelkoo and Wikio, an actual investor in Netvibes comments on his own blog that:

"I think it's a good decision. Freddy Mini, Chief Operating Officer of Netvibes for 2 years and based in San Fransisco, has incomparable experience: he was CEO of ZDNet Europe. and then Musicme, before agreeing to join us at Netvibes in 2006. "

"When I resigned from my position as co-CEO last year in order to concentrate my efforts on Wikio , I highlighted how the strategy of distribution and monetization at Netvibes seemed to me essential for success . With Freddy's insistence, Netvibes has in the last year taken great strides in this direction and progressed significantly, supplying a number of large media sites with a personal page service that they could take on and redistribute with their own colors. Freddy is without a shadow of a doubt the man for the job, to continue to develop the distribution, and the widget market, for which Tariq was a true visionary. "

What is strange is that the news is not coming out on any of the Netvibes' Official Blogs, Forums or Streams...

A lack of confidence in Netvibes' own captive audience ?
Shoudn't this news been given to Netvibes' users before anyone else ?
I think so!

Anyway, Thanks Tarik ! :)


Tariq Krim, Netvibes'CEO, launches his new blog giving clues on Widgets' monetization

Tariq Krim, Netvibes' CEO and founder, has just launched his own blog: http://www.tariqkrim.com.

His second post is about the Monetization of the Widget economy:

Tariq expects the market to develop from the estimated 40 mln US$ for 2008 to a much bigger figure for 2009. Tariq seems also to consider an European way to Widgets, where Netvibes could take the lead.

Let's wait for a few days before commenting all this...

If you are interested here is a Business presentation in PDF make by Netvibes beginning of April 2008.

As you can see, one of the options is to bring brands and advertising inside every possible widget while the overall homepage will be not be sponsored.

Windows 7 will be multi-touch compatible (check the demo)

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

The TechCrunch blog announced that : At the "All Things Digital" Gates and Ballmer presented the new Windows 7. This version to be released in 2010 is Multi-Touch compatible.

I like that :)


Follow the Rolland Garros French Tennis open with this Netvibes Widget: NetEx rating: updated 4*/5

Want to have the on-line results of all matches played today in Paris ? Want to read some comments ?
UPDATE: want also to check the schedule ? Want to see the the image Gallery ?

Use this Rolland Garros 2008 widget from Netvibes called Tennis Live. You can choose the Men or Women competition results board and the news channel with comments (has been added during my writing of this post :) ).

NetEx rating: UPATED 4*/5 (was 3*/5)
Simple and essential: scores, comments, schedule and gallery.
Thanks to the developers: Florent Solt and Charles Viard.

What is missing ? The weather conditions and if matches are interrupted or not (that will earn them a 5*/5 :) )

To add it to your Netvibes page, just click here:

Add to Netvibes

If you want some comments and pics, but no on-line scores try this widget The French Open news widget :
You can add this widget to you Netvibes page by clicking here:

Add to Netvibes


Why Netvibes Unique Users are decreasing since the Ginger release ?

Why the Netvibes' number of Unique Visitors, as measured by Compete.com, has decreased since January 2008 ? Netvibes remains by far the best of the independent homepages with more than 4 times users than its competitors pageflakes.com and protopage.com . But the new Ginger release update has not produced any increase in users numbers.

That is strange as Ginger, the "social twist" version of Netvibes, opened to all Netvibes users beginning of March, and I would have expected that this could increase the users' base not the contrary : a huge loss of 22% in just a month !

For sure the problems related to the implementation of the new Ginger have caused some flection in the numbers but ... let's check figures with an other "troubled" service as Twitter and a new star as Friendfeed.

Twitter is not stopping its tendency to increase users' base (+30%) and remember that only Twitter web users are counted here (no mobiles or other web applications). Just FriendFeed had also a little drop for April figures.

Of course, Compete.com stats are based on US users, so Netvibes that has an international base is not fully represented by those figures. For that reason, I checked also the numbers for Wikio.com (the US version of Wikio, the European based blogs and news feed aggregator).

And you can see, that Wikio is still far from Netvibes numbers but its trend is always positive.

But, although unique visitors and page views are critical pieces of the puzzle - these metrics often fail to accurately measure engagement on sites using technologies such as AJAX (as Netvibes) and online video.

(comments from Compete.com :

Attention is a powerful way to plan and measure the web because it is a finite resource that we manage selfishly. We grant our attention to people, activities and websites that merit receiving our most precious resource - time. If a site can garner more of an individual's time it should generally be considered a good thing. With that said, there are exceptions (Search Engines for example), which is why we don't present Attention as the king of all metrics. We see Attention as an additional piece of the puzzle.

Attention is graphed using a stacked area chart, which shows how the Attention for each individual site contributes to the total Attention for all sites in the chart. Note that the area for each individual site uses the site below it as a baseline - thus the order of the sites will affect the appearance of the graph. )

So here is the Graph of Attention for Netvibes:

Even on Attention, there is a decrease for Netvibes on the contrary of Twitter.

For sure, Netvibes has not become a viral social application.

So, what Netvibes shall do next ? I think that we need to wait for the May stats before making any judgement.

If you have ideas or insight on the subject do not hesitate to let me know...

I want sync all my Social Statutes Updates at once from Netvibes, not the other way round

For those who would like to know how I manage to sync my updates for, say, Netvibes and Twitter here is the solution: copy/paste :)

I use with my pseudo NetEx, many web2.0 services as Netvibes, Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook and also this blog. Whenever I want to update my status with the same message I have to go in each service and do it by hand. What I would prefer is to use my Netvibes page and by just posting there my message to see all other services updating with me moving around the web .

As I want to use Netvibes also as my Social Home Page and not just for Feed Reading, I expect as many others that Netvibes would come up with such a service.

Instead is going the other way round: I can update my Twitter status , post a short message on this blog and update my Facebook status directly from Facebook with BlogIt , an application from Six Apart.

I could add a other services as:

So, what is Netvibes waiting for?


10 tips from Netvibes to build your own Public Universe page

Samy on the Netvibes Blog has just published 10 tips to customize your netvibes public page:

1) Present yourself
2) Organize the content
3) Use the webnotes
4) Use the image widget
5) Use Photo albums
6) Change the column width
7) Optimize loading time !!! Important !!!
8) Play with the options
9) Personnalise your background images
10) Use the link widgets

If you want more you can check also this:

PS: I love the illustration. Who is the artist ???? Please ? :)


Does Netvibes needs a Community Manager ?

As Netvibes, like other Web 2.0 services as Flickr or Twitter, continues to have problems
(check the GetSatisfaction page on Netvibes and here is the copy/paste from Summize widget on twitter posts about Netvibes):

RomainCourtois: @pressecitrion moi aussi netvibes s ouvre pas sous ie et FF - 3 minutes ago

PhilippeMartin: mardi c'était Twitter, hier Flickr et aujourd'hui c'est Netvibes qui est down - 13 minutes ago

Daniel8802: so for example, if I go to netvibes.com, the page just constantly refreshes and I cannot do anything on there. - about 2 hours ago

Rodzilla: anyone else use netvibes, it continuously refreshes the page, really annoying. - about 2 hours ago

Some specialist are advising all these service to create a COMMUNITY MANAGER:

"While the management has been kind of accessible, they really need someone who’s smack dab in the middle of the folks that use the product on a daily basis.

They need someone who’ll communicate constantly what’s going on and help even more so maintain this relationship.

Twitter (or Netvibes) is obviously a tool that folks depend on so it’s extra important to give special attention to the community and it’s feelings about it.

It’s all too easy for a community to turn on a product and move somewhere else (=>iGoogle+Google Reader)."

Check this MultiTouch interaction on MAC (Thanks Fubiz)



Fashion Content Feeds and Links for your Netvibes page from NetEx

After Netvibes presenting its selection for "feminine" content , here is my own selection of Fashion Content:

You can check it on my other Universe :


You will find dozens of Fashion Feeds selected for you, links and searches (video, shopping,...).
There is a colour per language/country.

You want a Widget or a just a few, click on them and they will be added to your own Netvibes page.

Want the all "Fashion by NetEx" Tab ? click here

Add to Netvibes

Thanks to Isa and Gustav for tips.
And no, I did not prepared it today :)

the "Netvibes Universe Way" to Content

If the Content presentation made by Netvibes was poor and boring to use, there was a solution.

A one click solution for the end user: the Netvibes Universe way

Just use the Netvibes public page !

So that is what I have done for you: I checked all the widgets proposed in the netvibes Blog post, added them on my Netvibes page one by one . This way the end user, you, are saved the boring part of the process and by just clicking here:


you will access one of my Universes with the specific Tab.

So Netvibes Blog post should not be abolished , as they work better with Google :) , but the Netvibes Universe Way should used every time to save time to the end user.

First Content presentation from Netvibes: very poor and boring

After monthes of my points about Netvibes lacking of human content propositions, Netvibes is trying to build some Content Offer.

Yesterday, a first post in the Netvibes blog, titled : This way Girl, was presenting a simple selection of 9 different sources about what the poster, Diane, called , feminine websites.

Other Content will be Sport, Video Games ...

The reactions to the "unserious tone" of the Post was not well received by some of the Netvibes aficionadas accusing the post to be sexist. I will not participate to this debate ...

But, I have to say that this is content presentation it is a very poor presentation: a Blog presentation.

Just a list with links to the old Netvibes ecosystem.

If you like the widget you have to click on add to Netvibes. This means that you loose the Blog page you were in :( and that you open a second page of your Netvibes. To add the second widget, you have to come back to the Blog page and do it again the same process: Boring !

The best part was the Cartoon style image. Who is the author ?


iGoogle the home page from Google and Netvibes' biggest competitor announcing big changes

iGoogle, the personalized home page from Google and the biggest competitor for Netvibes is announcing some changes to come:

1) Google will allow Widget (gadgets) Developers to insert Ads in their Widgets:
"... but there will be some restrictions. Ads will be limited to the canvas view only and certain types of ads will not be allowed. Developers are free to use any ad provider to place ads in their gadget. However, we strive to maintain the best user experience, and as such, we plan on surveying users to determine how ads impact user satisfaction. Poor user ratings and reviews may impact a gadget's viral features, ranking, and directory listing.

Ads cannot move across the page or expand beyond their initial bounds - they must hold a persistent location. No pop-up windows are allowed. Audio ads cannot be initiated without user action."

2) IGoogle will become social and create Friends
Users will have full control over who their friends are and will be able to easily modify their list of friends. Expected to roll out this summer.

3) other improvements include: Notifiactions/Messages, Widget invitations and permissions...

Strangely enough, iGoogle has not its own url meaning by that that it is just a part of the Google main Search web site ?

Some "fresh" data from iGoogle:

iGoogle Users:

  • Tens of millions (??!!) worldwide, 50% US and 50% outside
  • One of Google's fastest growing products the past two years
  • 42 languages, 73 domains

Top Gadgets:
  • Weather
  • Date & Time
  • CNN.com
  • Movies

Interesting comment by Steve Rubel, here.



Twitter is down and no reason is given: Bad User Service

Twitter, another Web 2.0 star service, is down now for some hours.

No reason is given, just a laconic: Something is technically wrong.

In the Web 2.0 era: that is no more acceptable :( even for a cost free service .

Strangely enough I can send and read messages with my Netvibes Twitter widget.

UPDATE: Twitter seems working again ... but no news on the causes of the interruption

Have a problem with Netvibes ? Write it to GETSATISFACTION ! 4*/5

If you have a general problem with Netvibes you should:

1) use the Netvibes Feedback

2) write a Tweet to Netvibes_help: http://twitter.com/netvibes_help

3) write a post in your own Blog or use mine with a comment :)


4) write your problem to: GETSATISFACTION

GetSatisfaction is : " a place where people can get the most from the products they use, and where companies are encouraged to get real with their customers.

Ask a question, report a problem, share an idea, or join in conversations already in progress. The most useful replies rise to the top. We’ll notify you via email when people respond.

Customers, employees, and companies are all welcome here. Nothing is hidden, and no one is censored. Join the conversation!"

François, the very efficient Custumer Service Officer for Netvibes Help desk, is directly notified when you post your problem: if a solution is available it will be given to you. And if not, perhaps will have some explanations :)

UPDATE: I confirm : François is there and super fast !

You can follow the Topics for Netvibes at GetSatisfaction with a simple and clear Widget.
To get it click here:

Add to Netvibes

NetEx Rating: 4*/5

A good service that should be used by all serious Web2.0 start-ups as it shows all the problems occurring and the offered solutions.
It feels better when you notice that you are not the only one with the same problem or bug !

A similar service should be integrated in the Netvibes Blog.

More infos on GetSatisfaction: here


I need a Netvibes' activity badge to put on my weblog or my website

I just added a couple of icon at the end of each post to let you "Bookmark it" with the service you prefer... There is one service missing: Netvibes :(

So, I need a Netvibes' activity ("save this link in Netvibes") badge to put it near the others.

The little yellow star that I have in my FireFox toolbar with the add2netvibes extension is doing the same job but I want to offer (and all other websites could do the same) the same service to Internet Explorer and other browsers users.

I tried to add the code of the "Share Url bookmarklet" but Blogger does not like it :(

Can someone find a solution ? Thanks in advance.

Ouriel Ohayon from TechCrunch checks his Netvibes page before working. And you ?

Ouriel Ohayon, has just sent this Tweet on his Twitter and I , with his 1.479 followers, could read:

"coffee, twits, friendfeed, techmeme, RSS, flicr, netvibes then, only, then, work"

Ouriel Ohayon, one of the most influent French (and international) Blogger, in addition of his many professional internet activities is contributing to TechCrunch.com one of the largest blog on earth and editing the French edition of TechCrunch.

Ohayon is involved in the following Web 2.0 companies:


I added the my own (NetEx) Twitter Updates Widget to my Netvibes Experience Blog

As Twitter is becoming "ZE Instant Messaging" service of the WEB 2.0 I just added here on ther right column a Twitter Updates Widget that will present my last 3 Tweets.

Tweets (Twitter's posts) are shorter (max 140 signs) than blog post but they are much easier to post. Urls are tranformed in short url by the system and you can not publish any image.
You can send Tweets via short message service (e.g. on a cell phone), instant messaging, or a third-party application such as Twitterrific , Facebook or Netvibes.

For me as a blogger is also a way to get in touch with my readers and my preferred sources ;)

1) If you want to follow my Tweets (NetEx) on your Twitter, click here:


2) If you want to follow my Twitter (NetEx) Updates on your Netvibes page click here:

Add to Netvibes

3) If you want to add your own Twitter feeds in your Netvibes page, click here:

Add to Netvibes

Twitter on Wikipedia

Turn almost anything into a multi-touch interface” with TouchWall

Turn almost anything into a multi-touch interface for just hundreds of dollars” with TouchWall, the new Microsoft Touch Screen technology!

Just amazing !

Check here a presentation by Microsoft officials:

Check this video from Techcrunch and see how easy it is to use it:

Here is how TechCrunch describes it:

"The TouchWall system presented yesterday consisted of a PC running Vista and Plex, a 4×6 foot plexiglass screen, a rear projector, a infrared camera and the three infrared lasers.

TouhWall consists of three infrared lasers that scan a surface. A camera notes when something breaks through the laser line and feeds that information back to the specific Plex software."

This TouchWall is mores impler then the Surface system also presented by Microsoft a few monthes ago and is a fundamentally simpler mechanical system, and is also significantly cheaper to produce. While Surface retails at around $10,000, the hardware to “turn almost anything into a multi-touch interface” for TouchWall is just “hundreds of dollars”.

What is strange is that : "Microsoft is quick to say that they have no current plans to productize and sell TouchWall."

Can you believe it ? They must be crazy ! Everybody would love to get one of this !

This new technology reminds me that I had already reviewed the much more expensive Multi-Touch Screen by Perceptive Pixel


The Scaling problem affects not only Netvibes but also other Social applications like Twitter

The problems that many Netvibes user are facing in connecting to their Netvibes page (see my previous post) is with great probability linked to a Difficult Scaling process.

Like all Netvibes' users I have access only to public news from Netvibes: corporate website, blogs, ... and nowhere I found anything interesting on the technical side of Netvibes.
So, it is jsut a matter of guessing...

But, reading the Web 2.0 news you understand that the big scaling problem Netvibes is finding these days with the upgrade and functioning of its Ginger release is not limited to Netvibes but it is spread to all Social Services and Applications.

If you are interested, read this very interesting post on "how to make Twitter scale" (Twitter and the Architectural Challenges of Life Streaming Applications , written by Alex Iskold for ReadWriteWeb ). You will understand how data have to be distributed and why problems occur.,

Could somebody from Netvibes confirm or deny and give Netvibes'users more news on this and other technical subjects ?

I am sure that it is easier to accept a problem when you know and you are informed than the contrary ;)

Lot of users still complain for not being able to access their Netvibes page

2 weeks after the huge Spring Update of Netvibes that has upgraded all users to the Ginger "social" release, a lot of users still complain for not being able to access their Netvibes page.

Just check my capture of the Netvibes' Summize of all Twitter's messages containing "netvibes" and you will see that they are numerous and coming from all over the world :(

Saturday, Paul Adams of Blog.Wired.com was also complaining...


Paul Adams of Blog.Wired.com uses Netvibes as his daily feed aggregator. And you ?

I was reading this in a post from Paul Adams of Blog.Wired.com (one of the Blogs of Wired, ZE Web magazine) :

"....I don't mean to pick on Netvibes. I use it as my daily feed aggregator. I enjoy its features, I've created my own custom modules, and it makes my life significantly more convenient.

But I've seen that message above a few times lately. It's exactly because I enjoy Netvibes that I risk becoming dependent on it, and hence being a victim of outages and whatnot..."

This post was complaining for an : " Sorry, we are unable to connect you to Netvibes" outage sign that we all have seen at least once ;)

If you want to add the Blog.Wired.com widget to your Netvibes page click here: Add to Netvibes

Marshall Kirkpatrick of Read/WriteWeb uses Netvibes as startpage. And you ?

In his recent post about Five Tools Everyone Working Online Should Have (IMHO), Marshall Kirkpatrick , influential Lead Author at Read/WriteWeb writes:


Every place I work I set up an RSS startpage for myself and my co-workers. Consulting clients, non-profits, anybody I can get my hands on gets a startpage before I'm done with them. I usually use Netvibes just because it's easy to share pages, the OPML handling is pretty good and the mobile version is great. The new Ginger version breaks sharing for some people, though.

I put the highest priority RSS feeds that I subscribe to on that startpage, then put a link to it on my browser toolbar. I click on that maybe once an hour and see if these top sources have anything new. It's quick and easy, much easier than opening up a whole feed reader."

You can see in the image a capture of his Netvibes page.

And you, what are you using and why ?

If you want to add the ReadWriteWeb widget on your Netvibes page, click here:
Add to Netvibes


SCOOP: Netvibes widget will record your videos within your Netvibes page and then post them to Seesmic

SCOOP: A new Netvibes widget will allow you to recording your videos/webcams within your Netvibes page and then post them to the Seesmic video platform.

This widget is coming from the San Francisco office of Netvibes.

Some recent test videos are here:

and here:

Seesmic, a video chat service, was founded in September 2007 by serial entrepreneur, Loic Le Meur. In addition to his successful track record with start-ups, Loic is also one of Europe’s best-known bloggers and founder of LeWeb3, the largest European conference focused on rising stars and established players on the Web (over 2000 participants from 40 Countries at the last edition). Loic also served as Internet advisor to French President Sarkozy and serves as an advisor to the World Economic Forum in Davos.


2 new bookmarklet for your Netvibes: Share url and Update Status 4*/5

If you are a FireFox user and have a Netvibes page, there 2 new bookmarklets for you.

A bookmarklet is a small application that is stored in your own browser (here FireFox) as a bookmark.

A French (?) developer GIZMHAIL has just finished them and they are still warm...

1) "Netvibes activity post bookmarklet" : simply allows you to update your status, without being in your Netvibes page.
If you click on it in your browser bookmark bar (no matter what page you're on), you'll be asked to write your message (ie. your new Netvibes activities status), and it will be pushed to your public activities.
An useful feature is that the text you'll have to write will be filled by default by the text currently selected in your browser, if any.

This Bookmarklet, that in my own browser I have renamed as: Netvibes2 Update Status, is useful if you do not want to go back to your netvibes page to change your status.

To test it click here (must have have logged to Netvibes before) : Netvibes activity post bookmarklet - By Gizmhail

2) "Netvibes activity favorite bookmarklet":
If you fall upon an interesting page (but not necessarily found through your Netvibes feeds
), simply click on your bookmarklet in your browser bookmark bar to share the url where you currently are. You will have the opportunity to add a comment"

This one is also a useful bookmarklet, that I renamed Netvibes2 Share Url.

But :( in my browser, this bookmarklet is duplicating the STAR button on the new Netvibes ADD2NETVIBES extension for FF ( http://eco.netvibes.com/extensions/fire … -0.8.0.xpi )
The only advantage for this bookmarklet is that if you have selected some text on the page you want to share, this same text will be the comment of your starring. I like it for that .

To test it click here (must have have logged to Netvibes before) : Netvibes activity favorite bookmarklet - By Gizmhail

NetEx Rating: 4*/5 for an easy and user friendly application .
I hope that in the future they can be integrated in the Add2Netvibes extension !


Simply drag (click left) and drop the following links up in your FireFox bookmark bar

Netvibes activity post bookmarklet - By Gizmhail Update Status

Netvibes activity favorite bookmarklet - By Gizmhail Share Url

The bookmarklets are ready for use ! (you need to have logged in on your Netvibes during the session of course to make them work).
You can also rename them.

The original post presenting the Bookmarklets in the Developers Forum is here

All Search Results in one tab: an approach that Netvibes should follow.

I just discovered
Addict-o-matic a new Web 2.0 aggregate search site that presents the search' results in a perfect "Netvibes style" in a single tab with indivual search widgets .

As you can see from the capture, I have tested it with the "netviber experience" string ;)
You can move the widgets like in your Netvibes and you can delete them.

I would love to have something similar in my Netvibes page.

In fact, I have already built a Tab Search in my Netvibes page that I have setted with the "netviber experience" string but I had to do it by hand. If I wanted a new string I would have to change the search string in every widget. And to check at the same time a Web search in Google and one in Yahoo I have to have 2 different search widgets.

Another solution, is to go in add content where you can do the search with the string you want and Netvibes will provide you on the left a choice of search type with all the searches setted to your string.

But you will have to add all the search widgets one by one to your search Tab ... and for each new search you will have to do same :(

In conclusion, I am sure thet this Search Result all in a tab approach will add more User Friendlyness to our loved Netvibes

I want a Summize Widget not on Twitter but on all Netvibes users updates !

I really like the Netvibes' Summize Widget that I presented yesterday.

I have 4 copies of it: 1) with search "netvibes" , 2) with "netviber" , 3) with my city and 4) with the search of the day : "hot" (check the capture)

It is creazy how many people are Twittering near you (your city) or are using the same expression (hot)!!

I have "followed" a few of them and, who knows, they could become "friends"...

Now, imagine the same service offered by Netvibes with a search on all our Netvibes users public updates : that would be also an easy and yet massive source of information !

And it would be also another "competitive advantage" for Netvibes ;)

PS: one of the most searched string is possibly "iphone", strange no ?


Tired of NetviBes ? Try NetviDes ;)

Checking the entry pages to this blog, I discovered a Yahoo search ! Yes somebody is still using it.

I decided to check it with "netvibes" and I found a new site: http://netvides.com

In fact, it is just a mirror site but I liked it ;)

Netvibes' Help Line on Twitter: netvibes_help

By checking the new Summize widget by Netvibes (4*/5), I found a new Twitter user:
netvibes_help. At first I thought it was a joke (I like jokes ;) ) but n ow it turns out it is a real Netvibes Help service.

It answers in English and French ;

So, just in case you need it one day, here is the Netvibes Help Line on Twitter: http://twitter.com/netvibes_help

If you want to follow also my own Twitter here is it too: http://twitter.com/Netviber

New Netvibes' Summize widget to search all Twitter posts: NetEx rating=4*/5

I was testing a new "real time" search service, called SUMMIZE, that searches all public posts of TWITTER the cool and trendy Instant Messaging that you can use with your mobile or the web.

Now, Netvibes has just published a clean Summize Widget with the search already setted on "netvibes" ;) Of course, you can put what you want: your name, your city, your country, ...

You do not need to have registred with Twitter unless you want to write something yourself.

You can not leave the search blanck (and hope to follow Twitter on line) as the widget will reinstall "netvibes".

It is nice that with this Netvibes Summize widget you can star and comment in your Netvibes a Twitter message of someone you are not following with Twitter.

There is also an option by which you can select a user and get all the posts he made with that search string.

NetEx Rating: 4*/5

For this new, clean and simple Netvibes' Widget that let's you follow on Twitter the subject that you are interested in. (Would love to have a count message read and the possibility to change the title to include the search string ;) )

Install this widget by clicking here : Add to Netvibes
and It will be added in my REAL ESSENTIAL WIDGETS (and extensions) Tab on my Universe.