All day active users of Nertvibes: 500.000 !


in my previous post I referred to the 5.000.000 "users" claimed by Netvibes.

There are many voices even in the competion to ask for much clearer definition of "user".

In the same post of Mashable: in comment N°2; Christoph Janz from competitor Pageflakes.com
was asking: "What’s the definition of a “user” in that context? A registered user? Someone who came to the site once? An active user who spends at least one hour on the site per week? A user who visits the site daily? Obviously, this makes a HUGE difference (easily by a factor of 100 or more). "

I would assume that in Netvibers case "a user" is "just" a registred user: someone having typed in "email address" and having chosen a password. The email is not necessary a working one as no authorization code is sent to it...

So, Netvibes in little more than a year time has succeded in having 5.000.000 users...

How many are using it every day ?
Only their servers could tell us or Tariq KRIM himself.

In Gigaom of last September we found that :

  1. "KRIM says his company now has five million active users and growing fast".
  2. " half the users are from the U.S., and are amongst Netvibes’ most demanding (in terms of using features and bandwidth) users"

But in an interview with the IHT in August 2006, Krim is reported declaring: " more than five million users have now signed up to use it" and also that: "10 percent of users (of) the site remains active all day long"


Official Netvibes Signed-Up Users: 5.000.000

All Day Active Netvibers: 500.000

to be continued...

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