Can Netvibes become My Single Social Interface ?


Just read a good post by Kin Lane on his blog about his reaction to Yahoo declaration that the future will be modeled on Facebook and emails. All started from a NYT paper stating that Google and Yahoo " hope to turn their e-mail systems and personalized home page services (iGoogle and MyYahoo) into social networks".

Kin lists his request for a "future" Single Social Interface that will be serving all your personal and professional needs in just one interface.

As I agree on the list here it is with my views on the ability of Netvibes to help. But first I want to state the big advantage, at the moment, for Netvibes: is "independent" from megagroups as Yahoo, Google, Microsoft..

  1. My Profile - I want a single profile Not yet but possible with the help of http://openid.net/ + http://oauth.net/about/
  2. Contacts - I want a single point of entry for people in my life Possible
  3. Individual Communication - I want a single point of entry for all communications and prioritzed by the senders relationship with me Possible
  4. Network Communication - I want to be able to communicate with my network of contacts, friends and family through any way that works for me and for them Possible
  5. Public Communication - I need to communicate with the general public Not good enough
  6. Information - All the information I need daily Almost perfect
  7. Schedule - I should be able to easily manage my private and public schedule Not yet good enough
  8. Storage - Everything should be in one central place and then be able to distribute where ever I need or want it. No good
  9. Projects - Project tracking for everything I do So So
  10. Applications / Tools - I really need an application framework that is desktop, rich, and web all at once Not available but needed

to be clear here is also a graph

So let's hope that Netvibes evolves fast in that direction!

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Kin Lane said...

I think netvibes is the perfect platform for a single social interface.

It has all the platform qualifications, just needs the developer support so the average user can find all the tools they need here.