New estimates for Netvibes unique internet users.


new estimates from COMPETE.COM give 207.638 unique "US internet users visiting the site" for August 2007.

As you can see from their graph the growth is important since December 2006.

The Compete.com definition for "people visiting the site" is:

"People Counts are also known as unique visitors - they only count a person once no matter how many times they visit a site in a given month. People Counts are typically used to determine how popular a site is.
Recommendation: To best understand the popularity of a site, you should consider additional metrics beyond People Counts.
For instance, Site X could drive up its People Count by buying a lot of advertising across the Internet. However, many of these people may leave the site immediately. Use Engagement metrics to understand how much time people spend on a site and how many pages they look at on average during each visit to more fully understand the site's popularity."

French site LA VIGIE also estimated in April 2007 the NETVIBES UNIQUE VISITORS just for France at 150.00 (measures by Nielsen Netratings)

In August 2007, Compete.com counted 2.350.817 visits made to the site (a person can be counted as one person in the month (see previous count) but can make multiple visits).

A rapid calculation 2.350.000 visits/208.000 users gives an Average of 11 visits by person or 1 every 3 days for Netvibes.

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