Netvibes launches the PREMIUM UNIVERSES


Netibes is now launching the announced NETVIBES PREMIUM UNIVERSES.

As I published in a previous post end of August, Netvibes is now offering to Publisher to help them to create widgets with their own content and also to distribute them everywhere.
Basically is a Netvibes page in an iframe on the publisher website.

The offer considers:

-All the publisher feeds presented in one single widget. (Several thematic widgets can be created on demand).
- Premium Widgets can be branded just as a media property on its own.
- Built with UWA (Universal Widget API) : widgets can be installed in one click on Netvibes, Microsoft Vista, iGoogle, Apple Dashboard, iPhone, Live.com, etc.

Marshall Kirkpatrick on ReadWriteWeb is quite cautious on the success chances for this new service by Netvibes stating "I don't know how many companies will go for it".

For me, is just a piece of action in the CREATION OF CONTENT that will guarantee a long independent life to Netvibes.

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