Netvibes needs some Human Content Aggregation


In my previous posts on Netvibes and Content I was pointing to the fact that for "Non-nerds" Netvibes does not offer a lot of digested Data ready to use.
That's why I prepared my self the London (UK) and Paris (France) Tabs.

Pageflakes, one of Netvibes competitor, is going in my way. They have just published a FOOD page with feeds, blogs, recipes, pictures. It is a starting point for an "non-tech" English speaking audience and I am sure that Netvibes should go also that way but better.

I am surprised to see that there is no major INTERNET MUSIC page from Netvibes, knowing that Netvibes CEO, Tariq Krim and many of his team are coming from the Internet Music World.

When I speak about Human Content Aggregation is a way to signify that Automatic Aggreagtion is possible only with "experts" because they already know the subject and the sources.
But the average Internet User is not. Most of my friends and family have not already heard about RSS or Netvibes and there is the future.

Netvibes is waiting for the GINGER release to become social but, I insists, it is Content, Human Content, that will make the difference!

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