New Coriander version of Netvibes is Charging


the announced Coriander update version of Netvibes is now on (February 28, 2007 à 03:58 PM Paris Time) just 8 days later than announced and after 2 hours of server upgrading.

New features:

1) Columns are finally Resizable: you can now arrange your 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns as you like by dragging and dropping the unobtrusive handles between the columns to make them wider or narrower. Good news! It works fine

2) a New Coriander theme is available: let's wait and see for the "Shiny colors and round corners (that) will give some eye candy to your modules". I prefer the darker background look of the previous Halloween theme and the use of my preferred module: Netvibes Customize .

3) Feeds navigation: It is now possible to read your feeds beyond the display limit. (This feature can be enabled in the "Settings" panel.)
That one is also a good news!

4) new Mac mail module. No use for me but ...

So I am waiting to see my own Coriander version and will give you more comments.

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