Netvibes announces Cross-Platform Widget Compatibility


yesterday in London, Tariq Krim (CEO of Netvibes), as reported by Michael Arrington from TECHCRUCH has announced that the new Coriander version of Netvibes (still to come...) will provide a solution to allow cross-paltform compatibility of widgets.

In this way, developers will have just to develop their widgets (module, flakes,...) as the compatibility on every platform will be guaranteed by an Universal Wideget Api.

The advantages according to 606TECH are:

"- widgets created for Netvibes will work on Vista, Opera, Google and Mac, with Yahoo support soon to follow
- this universal widget is important because a single widget created will be able to be embedded in most platforms
- it also allows for an outward growth of Netvibes widgets so they can become increasingly mobile and personal
- the incorporation of OpenID goes along
- open sourcing with the Coriander release of Netvibes means anyone can increase the number of platforms Netvibes widgets can operate on . "

And the advantages for us Netvibers, will be that widgets (modules) already developed for Netvibes will be available for other platforms (Google, Yahoo, ...) .
Well, it would be better if it was the other way round...

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