Some Netvibes improvements


Tariq Krim has just announced some new improvements to Netvibes waiting for the new Coriander version as I had announced previously.

The improvements according to Krim:

1) Improving the RSS and introducing the Media RSS support with introduction of small images in the feeds.

2) More choice in the search modules with more sites: metacafe.com, sevenload.com (videosearch), pixsy.com (pictures) and blogsearch.google.com (blogs).

3) a new Craigslist module

4)Introduced possibility of making a Backup copy of all your feed subscriptions

Now let's wait for the Coriander version improuvements.


Julien said...

Waiting for Coriander, maybe this greasemonkey script I just wrote could be of interest to you : it allows to share in one click on del.icio.us an article you're reading on netvibes (like the "Share" button of Google Reader).

No need to enter tags each time (just for first launch, actually) or wait for del.icio.us popup window to load and then close. It's done instantly and is totally asynchronous.

You can find it here : http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/7573

Netviber001 said...


you should also mention it on the NETIVEBERS FORUM