WHO is behind Netvibes_part5


this is part 5 of a discussion about the Top Managent of Netvibes that started here .

8) Stefan LECHERE , VP, European Biz Dev, French, thirty someting.

From Fred Mini, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Netvibes, own Blog, we know that Stefan will be in charge of Business Development in Europe.

Stefan joined Google in early 2004 with responsibility for AdSense partnerships in France then he was Strategic Partner Development Manager of Google Video. He had previously been business development manager for the portal activities of Club-internet / T-Online France. Stefan began his online career with Lagardere Group - Hachette in 1999, prior to which he worked at L'Oreal as an international product manager.

Here an Interview (in French) with Stefan when he was working for Google.

to be continued (Part6)

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