WHO is Behind NETVIBES_part 2


some days ago I started the first part of "Who is behind Netvibes"

Now I will continue with top managent positions.

I surprised me to notice that all top Management is ... French!

4) Freddy MINI, from May 2008 new CEO
(was Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Netvibes), French

Now based in San Francisco, Freddy joined Netvibes in July 2006 as you can read in his French Blog.
Freddy's job description in his CV :
In charge of Netvibes business operations, including business development, sales and marketing.
Main tasks: creating and delivering netvibes business model and create US operations
CEO, netivbes, Inc. - San Francisco, CA

So, his main task is to "build" Netvibes in the USA where half of Netvibes audience is already.

netvibes, inc. has just been created and its address is:
840 battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111.

Freddy has also chosen a new PR agency : Antenna Group, already involved with Ask, WebEx, Commission Junction, Alexa, etc, etc...

Freddy Mini, is also, at the moment:

  • Owner, General Manager at eMini
  • Board position, Chief Marketing Officer at AgendiZe
to be continued (Part 3)

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