More details on Netvibes TABS


back to the desk , with some minor interesting change with Netvibes Tabs.

As you know, TABS are single pages with all their content: RSS feeds, calendars, webnotes, widgets ... You can find the 3.689 Tabs already available by looking in the Netvibes Ecosystem.

Untill now you could choose the Tabs just by its short description and the first 2-3 items but now if you click on the Tabs Page ( like the one for my LONDON UK ) you will be able to look at all the content. With the Mouse Over you can read all Link Locations.
That way you could souscribe just to a single item content of the chosen Tab!

That gives a better view of the Tab content... The way for Netvibes to the better Content is a long one but this one is another step.

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