Netvibes' new frontier : Content


Ok Netvibes is there. A good platform to put my (yours) own tabs and widgets but if Netvibes wants to count in "real millions" of users instead on thousands it should be more interested in Content.

See why .

I just discovered a site founded two years ago, by then-fifteen-year-old Kamran Munshi, that is aggregating real estate and location data. The site is called Terabitz.

And Wired Blog describs Terabitz as "Ajax-ified, with a responsive, drag-and-drop interface that lets you view a dashboard showing various aspects of the real estate market for areas you're interested in. You can decide which metrics are interesting to you: Housing prices, rental prices, recent real estate transactions, local school info, the locations of banks, grocery stores, and libraries, and more. Each one of these items is a module you can drag onto your dashboard. If you want to compare locations you can point the same dashboard view at a different town or ZIP code."

How do they will make money ?

Here is their answer: Terabitz will always be free to you, the user.We are different than other real estate sites in how we make money as well. Rather than traditional advertising, we allow companies to introduce you to themselves in a highly localized, contextual fashion. Appropriate service providers can sponsor targeted category bits on the site as you use them, so you see only relevant information as you research. Everyone wins.

And Venture Beat describes Terabitz with: "Think of it as a cross between a personal homepage (like iGoogle or Netvibes, for example) and a real estate information site (like Trulia or Zillow)."

So, Terabitz is a "Specialized Netvibes" that will look for advertising, sponsorship, fees on local ads, .... No surprise Terabitz launches, with $10 million in venture funding!

So will Netvibes educate the masses and leave to others the juicy niches or is it going to create, develop, capture them ? Wait and see.

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