Netvibes Stats with Alexa


You see here a Graph from Alexa to compare the Daily reach in Million for Netvibes, Pageflakes, Webwag, Protopage and to compare with a more sucessful web site, del.icio.us, just click here or on the graph.

Today, Netvibes is the BIG WINNER with more 2.500.000 pages while all the competitors do not reach the 400.000 ...

If you check the 1 year view, http://www.alexa.com
you can see that Netvibes a year ago was playing inn the same category but that since then it is 5 to 6 bigger.

Here is athor set of data you can see on Alexa

Traffic rank:

Today1 wk. Avg.3 mos. Avg.3 mos. Change
685 607 688up 300

Reach per million users:

Today1 wk. Avg.3 mos. Avg.3 mos. Change
2,550 2,730 2,330up 49%

Page Views per user:
Today1 wk. Avg.3 mos. Avg.3 mos. Change
1.3 1.4 1.5down 6%

Well Alexa data are not Nielsen data but a good guess.
Alexa is in fact a website tracking service, based on statistics sent by an Internet Explorer browser toolbar installed on a sampling of Internet users.

You can even install an Alexa Module on your Netvibes

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