What is the Business Model of Netvibes ?


after an introduction in a previous post, here what the persons behind Netvibes have declared on the subject.

Gigaom blog reported the following:

"Krim (Tariq KRIM, the founder and CEO of Netvibes) did tell us that the company is making some money from referrals and affiliate deals. In the near future there will be premium module deals. I suspect you would see more companies to follow in the footsteps of travel search engine, Mobissimo, which announced a Netvibes module today."

and also that:
"Tariq (KRIM) told Liz, while she was working for Red Herring, that Netvibes was going to try to get distribution deals with big media companies to have branded personalized homepages. That sounds like a promising business, but skepticism prevails. "

On the IHT in August 2006, we have this piece of news:

"Krim admitted that the site's revenue model was not clear, but said it could include payments from Web sites whose feeds go through Netvibes pages or charging a premium for prominent placement of a site's feed.
"I am not worried about revenue right now, I am concerned about the user experience," Krim said. "Once users are happy, I am sure the revenue model will make itself clear."
Netvibes' latest investors, of course, expressed confidence.
"With Netvibes becoming a browser within a browser for millions, it suddenly becomes a very attractive business model and easy to monetize," said Danny Rimer, the London-based general partner for Index Ventures, which co-led the recent round of investment. "We don't invest in companies unless they have a standalone business."

to be continued...

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