new: 19 Mirror URL for Netvibes: nv1, nv2, ...nv19


looking for my logs on this blog, I discovered a set of 19 MirrorURL for NETVIBES:


All those URLs open and give the same service than the "normal" one:


But you need to log in in every version (with your email and password) even if you are logged in with "normal" Netvibes

Those are probably test URLs, like a Netvibes Version 1,

Reading from the cookies they leave, as I had just logged in for the first time with the NV urls, the active users ID and the user ID are the same and of course growing (we have reached the 9.600.000s).
In this case, 1 active user (me) with the same content, 1 email and 1 password has increased by 19 units the User Counter!

By looking for it on Googles, I found that NV1 started working in August 2006.

I managed to work with different NV Urls opened and to have the data correctly reported on my WWW Url.

I would remain with the "normal URL" as I do not feel that the NV open faster. I would check later but for the moment the NV seem a little bit slower but perhaps it depends from cached data.

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