10 things I want from my HOMEPAGE


I wanted to list here what I really want from my PERSONALIZED HOMEPAGE and I will rate how my Netvibes Home page complies today March 14 2007 (from 10= perfect to 0=not at all).


  1. OPEN DIRECTLY WITH NO LOGIN if I want to and OPEN FAST AND CHARGE FAST WHEN I NEED ANOTHER TAB (Netvibes = 6 and even 5 with the new slower Coriander version and no way to escape Login)
  2. SHOW THE NEWS FEEDS I choose with details or not, with pics or not, with direct links or not, with immediate preview, mixing different feeds, in a small space (Netvibes =10)
  3. SHOW MY CALENDAR DIRECLTY with the choice of a Montly, Weekly and daily view, and the possibility to present multiple calendars in just one space with different colours. (Netvibes= 4 , I need to embed the Google Calendar, but I have to login in first to see it on my Netvibes. Problems with colours and sizes).
  4. TAKE NOTES with a minimum of choices with Font sizes, Style and Coulours. Http links should open directly in an external page. (Netvibes =5 with the webnote module, ok for links, but no editing choice at all: frustrating!)
  5. SEARCH every Search Engine available. Ideal would be possibility to integrate the results in just one space . (Netvibes =9 almost every thing is there)
  6. SHOW JUST THE PIECE I WANT OF ANOTHER WAB PAGE that is not possible to import (like a webcam, a personalized Ebay search,... (Netvibes =3, with external modules, I am only able to have the Upper Left corner of a web page and I have to navigate. Protopage with their "Web Page Widget" has a module that rates 10).
  7. CHOOSE MY COLOURS, MY N° OF COLUMNS, MY SIZES, MY FONTS,... (Netvibes =2 very poor choice)
  8. IMPORT EASILY TESTED API (Netvibes =5, good choice of API but no test before submitting them to users)
  9. SHARE ALL OR SOME PART OF MY PAGE with friends, family, colleaugues (Netvibes=2 as I can only share feeds )
  10. BE SECURE from external attacks (Netvibes as all Ajax Home pages =5)

After this 10 points that at the moment I can think are the most important for me, Netvibes rates 50 points over 100 :


That means that there is still a lot to be done.

Now, are the Competitors of Netvibes better ? Let me know if you use them.

For the moment I stick to Netvibes.

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