NETVIBES Competitors: Unique Users Data

I resume here, from TECHCRUNCH, the Numbers of the Uniques Users(*) of PERSONAL HOME PAGES as tracked by COMSCORE in their January 2007 worldwide report.

My Yahoo : 50.2 millions Unique Users (Among Visitors Age 15+)
My MSN : 11.9
Google IG : 7.1
My AOL : 2.1
My Netscape : 0.7

There is only one big winner : My Yahoo !

The 50 millions Users of My Yahoo compared with the estimated worldwide audience of 747 millions credits this service of an impressive penetrationn rate of ...7% when the aggregate 72 millions of the Big 5 personal Home pages gives them a 10% rate.

The other Big Netvibes' Competitors are really far away... Even Google!

And Netvibes ? Too small audience to be selected by COMSCORE...

(*) For more details on ComScore methodology.

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