Netvibes launches CORIANDER Part 2


A few days ago I have announced the launch by Netvibes of their new Coriander version and now Netvibes announces the Second and Final Step for Coriander !
With a bunch of new long waited features:

  1. EASY SHARING: You can now instantly share feeds, modules/widgets and Netvibes tabs by e-mail, by instant messaging or by publishing it on an Html page, a Blog or Myspace! It is easy, clear and it works. Just look for the Option Harrow in the Edit Bar.
  2. You can MOVE MODULES in your page directly from Edit bar of the Module with 6 harrows (right, left, up, down, top, bottom) . It is easier to work with when you have Big Modules/Feeds that you do not want to close.
  3. You have more detailed information to start using Netvibes from the Help Menu.
  4. MAP COMPARISON SEARCH Module to check Google, Yahoo and Live Maps.
  5. BETTER RSS reading capabilities for Images, videos etc...
  6. You can DUPLICATE any Module/feed (in the Edit bar) . Usefull, if you need the same info on different tabs.


  1. A total and Personalized Customization of Netvibes: Colours, Backgrounds, Fonts, Sizes...
  2. A rating system of MODULES, FEEDS, TABS offered by Netvibes
  3. A Security check on MODULES, FEEDS, TABS offered by Netvibes


City hunter said...

the new webnote let you choose the font and background color.

Netviber001 said...

You are right !!

Thanks a Lot!

It is possible to edit the all Web Note and not single words but it is a good step.

Did you discover anything else ?