Pierre CHAPPAZ, co-CEO, quits Netvibes


Pierre CHAPPAZ, co-CEO of Netvibes since June 2006, has just announced on his Blog that he was quitting Netvibes on a desagreement with founder Tariq Krim over the Business Model of Netvibes.

Chappaz, also founder and CEO of Wikio, has pointed out that since the beginning there was a different point of vue over the future of Netvibes and that the actual development of the Universes of Netvibes was not in line with his own ideas.

The main objective of Pierre Chappaz , who in in 2004 already sold Kelkoo to Yahoo for €475 million, was to find ways to create a solid distribution and a way to make money... That seems not already the case.

Pierre Chappaz writes that he remains shareholder of Netvibes, but for how long?

The actual Business Model of Netvibes is not clear... and Tariq Krim, founder and co-CEO of Netvibes is reported to have said: "Once users are happy, I am sure the revenue model will make itself clear."

Pierre Chappaz was not patient enough...

In the mean time Tariq Krim is enjoing the new i-phone , he just bought in San Francisco...


Anonymous said...

Pierre Chappaz's post in english here

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't believe that tariq is in SF for just more that getting an Iphone, but I can be sure that he bought one just to make sure that netvibes works fine on the iphone. between Tariq and Pierre I would rather suspect that Pierre Chappaz was trying to go for a quick sell when Tariq is going after the big thing.

the future of netvibes is just going to be very interresting now and I can wait to see in what direction Tariq wants to go.

Philip Wilkinson said...

I've posted my response to this on:

I worked closely with Pierre for many years during the Kelkoo days and must admit it is a shame if he has left the Netvibes business.

I don't think Pierre was going for a quick sell but rather trying to make sure the product had some business and revenue roots to it - which is after all what you need to survive.

Netviber001 said...

Thanks to all!

I agree with Philip.
Until now Pierre has not seen the future color of the money. That is way investors are in the business.

I have on my side a few ideas where from the revenues should come.
I think that we need to think VIRAL.

What do you think about it ?