Download today FireFox 3 and help your Netvibes and set new world record !

If you like your free Netvibes homepage and RSS reader, you will love FireFox 3, the new free web browser to be launched today.

FireFox 2, the previous version, was the best browser to use with my Netvibes: with the add2netvibes extensions, the bookmarklets, the print option in all your widgets, the download speed, the memory usage ...

So Help your Netvibes page: download the new FireFox 3 !

At the same time you can help FireFox 3 break the world record for most software downloads in 24 hours : today, Tuesday 17th of June, is Download Day 2008.

Follow this link : http://www.spreadfirefox.com/en-US/worldrecord
and add yourself to the over 1.6 million users that will partecipate in this event.

FireFox 3 with more than 15,000 improvements, is faster, safer and smarter than previous versions and competitors.

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