I visited the Netvibes Team in their Paris' Office

Last Friday, I was in Paris (France) and received a kind invitation to visit the Netvibes office that I accepted immediately :)

First, let me thanks Franck Mahon (VP, Product Development) and François Bureau (in charge of Custumer care) that for a few hours accepted to discuss freely with me (as an average user) of some of the hot topics about Netvibes.

I had the pleasure to get a preview of the new Google search integrated search box that today you have found in your Netvibes page.

Some other cool features are on the way (new activities Dashboard, ...) but I agree with Franck: let's announce them when they are ready and working ;)

Second, I would thank all the Netvibes team: it is a small team (20-30 people) of young men and, yes, women working hard to offer the best service to an audience of very difficult users (not all, ok, but some :) ).

Third, Tariq Krim, the founder and still shareholder of Netvibes, is not anymore there. His office, is now empty but the Team works as before. The pace and targets for Netvibes are setted and the step by step long term strategy is there focusing on improving the Homepage service and at the same time developping the Widgets distribution and that was one of my main concerns.

When Franck asked me why users were so much interested in Netvibes revenues, compared to other companies, my instinctive answer, to a question that I never thought before, was: "because I like so much the service that I want to be sure that Netvibes will be there in 1- 2- 3 -5 years!"

Later, on my way to home, I thought that I never thought this before for any other service.
I do not care about Twitter or Facebook financial situation.

If with Netvibes is different, is because, as a user, I have the feeling that Netviber is listening at my requests. And it is true: Franck and François read all the posts and comments about the Netvibes service and the Team tries always to improve.
Have you seen the new Netvibes_Help service on Twitter ? Others are copying it now.

I love so much the service that I have also offered to be the first paying suscriber to a Netvibes Delux edition (Franck, my coins are still on the table ;) ) as, of course, early subscribers will get a special price... and a picture on the wall.

But good news: Revenues are "already growing in line with business plan" and more good news are coming...

Fourth, Franck and François are very polite persons as, at my request to know what was my most stupid post on this blog, they were kind enough to answer that there were a few but none was presented to me...

Just François, recommended me that if I had any problem with Netvibes to complain directly to the Feedback service instead of any other way, because the feedback form allows Netvibes to help you sooner and better. (I will make a post on that)

So, in conclusion, a very instructive afternoon and a regret: not having the time to talk and thank all the other individual team members about their own job and visions.

Ding, ding, ding !! (private joke) See you next time !!

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