I want to tag, search and store my Share/Star It activities in Netvibes

It is a few monthes that the Ginger release of Netvibes is out and one of the features that I prefer is the Share/Star of My Activities.

I use it to bookmark pages, ideas, blogs, urls that I want to keep for a later use and/or reading. I use it a lot: at least 4-5 times a day.

I like it because I can also choose to publish it with a comment to all "my friends" or just to keep it for me (private).
I like it also because with FireFox I can use the Star button in my browser or the bookmarklets if the add-on is not installed and also the Star it button if placed by websites.
I like it because I can see and read what my friends shared and starred.

But, I have a big problem: as I have now a lot of them and all this Shared/Starred activities are just visible in my Activities by clicking on Activities in the upper menu.

They are presented in a the "most recent first" order and there is a search button.
The search is based on all Activities (mines + friends) and on words. Then the results are presented just with this little black window.

The My Comunity widget is ok but presents only the last 25 activities... and there is no search

I want more !

With my Share/Star it Activities I would like to be able to:

  • separate Shared Url from other activities (as shared widget)
  • separate my activities from others
  • have the possibility to store the share urls with folders or tags or...
  • be able to rate (1 to 5) the activity
  • to move and rename and delete some of the urls shared
  • search by date and tag
  • to save , backup and export/import
I hope I am not the only one in this situation and to not send me to http://del.icio.us/ ;)

So, if you are a developer you should start reading this (Netvibes Developers Forum)

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Binit P said...

I was wishing for the same exact features. I used to use del.icio.us but now have started saving everything in netvibes (since i access a lot of sites through netvibes), but now need a better way to organize and access the things i saved.