Follow the Euro 2008 with Netvibes (4*/5) and other Footbal widgets

Now that Euro 2008 has started you will realize that you need to know that match result or to check the standings or want to read the last updated news or to follow the live result of a match playing.

For that Netvibes has prepeared a nice and cool Euro 2008 public Universe Tab : one in English and one in Français.
The tab in the Universe in English presents only US widgets for a sport called "Soccer" :)

If you prefer more European Football widgets (it's Euro 2008 , no ?) like the one's by: UEFA, BBC, SKY and other languages as Gazzetta, L'Equipe, ... you should check also my own public universe Football Tab:


and my new Euro 2008 Tab:


I invite you nto go there and check for yourself the widgets you prefer... The Netvibes Widget Euro2008 is a must.(4*/5)

To get any of them, yust click on the envelope on the right side of the title of the widget.

Good move by Netvibes, that now presents its human collected content with the Universes and not just a blog post!

Enjoy !! and I hope that my team will win :-)

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