Google search box does not take that much space in my Netvibes

Netvibes has launched yesterday a new Google Search Box integrated in the Netvibes page.

It is a smart move to offer a new option to "new users" that will arrive from now on on the service.

For Older and more expert users, the move is at the moment seen often as an "intrusion" (just check the hot replies at the Netvibes Blog post )

Many complain of the "invasion" of the awfull tool bar and the bad visual impact and effect. For that 2 solutions:

  1. just hidden the feature by clicking on your Settings, look for the Search options and select hidden.
  2. but, if like me, you still want to keep it on your page because you do not need a title on your own page ;) and you like to have an option to save your searches in your Netvibes page, then go for Setings/ look for Search options and select "above title".
    This way your search box will be there near the "search in page": not a lot of space for a feature that will be improved in the near feture ;)

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