I miss the possibility to update my Netvibes status from my wap mobile

With the new 3G iphone coming, I wanted to test the mobile versions of Netvibes.

I know that Netvibes' strategy is not focusing on the mobile platform contrary to other competitors like webwag. Nevertheless, when I travelling, I like the idea to be able to check my Netvibes page on my mobile.

I can read feeds and twitts and check and write emails with gmail. And my web browsing is limited to wap compatible websites

But now, with the new open Activities policy by Netvibes, I can also read the feed about my netvibes' friends' Activity, my own activity and the public stream.

What I miss the most is the possibility to update my Netvibes status from my mobile. I miss it because I can update my twitter from my mobile Netvibes but not my own Netvibes activity :(

To go mobile with Netvibes, I found 3 different urls:


http://wap.netvibes.com (the lightweight "basic" version)



I presume that the first 2 give the same results, as it looks like that on my SonyEricsson.

The iphone is reserved for ... well the iphone.

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