new Netvibes' Share option to customize and export UWA Widgets

In a very rich week full of new features (Google search box, Buzz and Public stream) Netvibes will also offering a new Share option to customize the apparence of UWA Widgets.

As the all ecosystem will be rebuilt with new features (n° of installations, platform % and weekly trends) and a better search :), a new option is already offered under the Share menu in the ecosystem bottom menu line.

With this you will be able to export the widget you like (here is mine: the NetEx blog ) with a few customizations and preferences:

  • title of widget
  • height
  • width
  • border colour
  • ...

Very interesting is also the GRAB THE WIDGET CODE window: with a copy/paste you are now able to export any UWA widget and place it on any WEB page (except the ones like Blogger who prevent javascript) !

The applications are with no limits!! The widget revolution is coming ?

Thanks Netvibes!!

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Anonymous said...

Ecosystem is being reorganized today - a lot of widgets missing - mostly applications eg. finance,netvibes customize,clocks etc . Hopefully these should reappear soon???