new Buzz and Activities page now officialy available for netvibes

A new green Button: Browse all Activities is now available in your Activities Menu. That way, the buzz and other Activities that I announced are officilay made available to all users.

By clicking the Green Button you will open the new Activities page but that will replace your Netvibes page.

I would prefere to open it in a new window or new tab...

With the Activities page you will be able to follow the Buzz, the public stream and your own your Friends activities.

Personnaly, I would prefer to have a new Buzz icon in the Upper menu to check first the buzz but also the other activities, possibly in a new tab/page and /or in the side bar ;)


STuFF said...

little hint : middle click on this button to open in a new tab ;) (at least on firefox)

NetEx said...

Hi stuff and thanks !

Of course we can always open the page with an extra right click...

But I was thinking to an average user that is used to left click on every button :)

Anonymous said...

The Buzz feature COULD be great as a Netvibes widget set to show most popular "diggs" in the last 48 hours-

Since this has been implemented it tends to be only working about half the time!!!!!!!???????