Have you seen the Netvibes sidebar option for your Friends' activities ?

UPDATE: I have changed capture to show that I can follow the Netvibes activities also watching another page... eh eh :) Would be interesting to have an option for showing or not the comments ...

When you are in the new Activities Dashboard, http://www.netvibes.com/public
select the Friends tab and in the menu at the bottom of the page you click on sidebar.

This will install a bookmarklet that is a special bookmark that when you will choose it in your Bookmarks tab of your Browser will open a sidebar, on any page you are looking at, showing your last friends' activities.

It is interesting if you are waiting for an important news and you have good friends :)

There is a 4 choice tab in the sidebar: friends, me, buzz and everyone so you can use it even if you do not have already many friends on Netvibes.

I do not know what is the refreshing rate of the sidebar ...

Works fine with FireFox 3 but I have not tested with IE...

I like it ! Thanks NTVB Team !

You can also see your activities and your friends'activities with RSS or ATOM Feeds, or even a special widget just by clicking on the icons also on the bottom page menu.


Anonymous said...

The sidebar has been fixed since your post, check again and update your screenshots ;)

NetEx said...

Done, Thanks!

Can you tell me if it works also with IE ? And what about the refresh rate ?

Last point in Buzz, it should show also the N° of Buzzing :)