Choose what you want in the Universes


Have you looked at the more than 780 Universes offered by Netvibes?

I did, but was afraid to be obliged to import all the Univers, with all its settings and to loose my time to delete all the unwanted stuff.

But that is not the case : you can choose just one (ore more) widget or feed and import it directly in you own page!

Let's say I am interested by the TECHCRUNCH Univers, but that the only new thing I need is the READ/WRITEWEB feed on the right column. Then I just click on the title and the ADD TO YOUR PAGE message appears, I click on it. Then select the option "SAVE changes to your private page" or the "Back to my private page". And that is it! The widgets you selected are now in your page!

Nice done Netvibes!

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