Netvibes uses Promotional Ad Banner


For those who have not used Netvibes for some days or for those not focused on Revenues, I want to point out the use for the first by Netvibes itself of an an Promotional Advertising Banner to announce its new mobile service directly in every Netvibes page.

"Netvibes goes mobile! Now, you can check your netvibes page on your mobile phone or your iPhone at the following address: http://m.netvibes.com".

As you can see from the image, this yellowish banner, is positionned just under your Tabs row.
Personnaly, if the banner was placed in the Netvibes Headline and never blincking, I do not think that that would disturb me very much if the service offered by Netvibes was to be increased. So a potential source of revenues? I think so, because Ads is the easiest way to do it!
As Tariq Krim, said in August 2006 :"Netvibes will remain free of charge" , that is not incompatible with some kind of Advertising.

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