Write a novel, a short story, a blog with Netvibes


as I continue my review of Practical uses of Netvibes, here is an "artistic" one.

How to write a novel, a short story, a blog ... with the Help of Netvibes and the advice from: HED's writing mission blog.

Basicaly you should create 4 separate Tabs:

  1. Inspiration. As writers get their ideas from everywhere, you will fill this Tab with a bit of everything : feeds, but also Delicious tags, search Modules, mp3 feeds, flickr widget,...
  2. Relax. For your little break choose some cartoons, a TV feed and a clock to go back to work!
  3. Language tools. Wikipedia and multiple translators will be placed here
  4. Quick Notes. A few web notes widgets ready to get used .

What is missing is an integrated word processor to create the text directly in Netvibes.

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HED said...

Thank you for featuring my article !

A integrated wordprocessor would be the best of course ! (with word count, version control and text replacement !)