Mix together up to 6 Feeds in just 1 Feed


As I was checking the first results of the mini-poll on Netvibes uses (here on the right) I observed without surprise that the main use of Netvibes is to Read Feeds.

If you check the Netvibes ecosystem you can choose from 86.230 feeds !
Myself I has suscribed to more than 100. Some Feeds are updated every hour or so (as a Google News Feed) but other even the Feed from this blog is update 1 or 2 times a day at maximum.

Then it could be usefull to mix together and blend different Feeds on the same subject (let's says Netvibes) and get just one Feed. Well, FEEDBLENDER does just that!

You go on their site and without any registration, just by copy/paste the feeds URL you want to mix or blend, you get a single blended Feed.

As simple as that! As they say: "FeedBlendr takes a bunch of RSS, RDF or Atom feeds (news, blogs, podcasts, you name it) and puts the contents of all of them into a single "blend", which is ordered by date, newest at the top. You can then view the blend online, on a mobile device, integrate it into your own site, or just subscribe to it in any news reader. Oh yeah, and it's free!"

FEEDBLENDER prepares also a list of different URLs adapted to different uses of the new feed ( atom, rss, m, html...) and you can put your feed where you want.

The only limitation I know: If this blend is not accessed by anyone for more than 3 months, it may be automatically removed...

I have already prepared one for you. You can check it here: http://feedblendr.com/blends/18672

It is just the blend of Netvibes Official Blog Feed with the Feed of the Google News search on Netvibes.

Try yourself this very good tool!

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