Netvibe introduces the Premium Widgets


in the same blog, Netvibes also introduces a Premium Widget program which allows large media companies and publishers to instantly syndicate multiple media properties without having to develop individual widgets on multiple platforms.

Premium Widgets are Universal Widgets that merge multiple feeds, podcasts or video channels into a single widget, within a branded and sponsored environment.

Premium Widget launch partners include: CBS Interactive, BBC Mundo, El Pais, El Mundo, Le Figaro, MTV.it, Il Sole 24, CNET Asia and Sports.cn.

The New York Times Premium Widget is a good example. It is in fact an Universe but in a single widget where you can choose more than 15 news feeds in this widget: National, International, Business, Sports, Technology, Arts and many more.

In the end if you are interested in all of them you will probably switch for 15 individual widgets but if you want just the ability to check them from time to time the Premium Widget is a good solution!

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