Create a constantly-updated page to monitor any subject


in my new serie on "the Practical uses of Netvibes" here is a new one.

If you want create a constantly-updated page to monitor any subject that you are interested in, just follow the indications of William J. Turkel gives in his Blog.

Basicaly here is how he proceeds:

1) First of all, create a (free) account at Netvibes.

2) Add the RSS feeds you need to check "the subject you are interested in"

3) Go to the "Add Content" and Add a blog search module for "the subject you are interested in"

That gives you the spectrum of discussion ranging from edited, through mildly moderated to free-for-all.

4) Pass the feed through a Feedshake filter if the data are not "precise" enough. This is a free service (but you need to register) for customizing, filtering, converting and merging newsfeeds and podcasts. Feedshake lets you combine and manipulate RSS feeds online.

5) To get the latest book news, grab a feed of reviews and create a feed of "the subbject you are interested in" books at Amazon.
Do this using Paul Bausch's Amazon Feed Generator (another free service with no need to register)

6) Next you will want to get links to the tables of contents for the journals. To do this make use of the Feed43 service and follow the specific instructions of William J. Turkel on how to Scrape a Web Page to RSS Feed.

7) Finally, add in the notepad module (go to Add Content and choose Basic Widgets and select WebNote) to jot down anything you want to remember while reading all your page.

8) If the result is ok, and you think you could share this Tab, why not Share this Tab by sending an email or if, of more general interest, why do not publish it in the Netvibes Ecosystem ?

Good work!

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