I tested the new Netvibes FireFox extension: star and add feeds in 1 click: 5*/5

I just installed the new Netvibes Firefox extension Add2Netvibes v0.8.0: (works from Firefox 1.5 to Firefox 3)

In a few clicks and a restart, your FireFox will show a Star and a + icon in the Browser bar.

When a site is interesting, you click on the Star icon to save the Link with a comment, in your private or in your public activity.

When a feed is present on a selected page, the grey + button changes colour and becomes green. By clicking on it and choosing which feed you prefer, the chosen Feed will be added to your Netvibes page that is open in another FireFox window.
That way you can go back to the selected page.

On the contrary, if you click in the orange RSS icon that is shown to the right of the address bar, that will also add your Feed in your Netvibes page but it will open and create a new Netvibes page that will replace the "original page" that will not be open anymore. And you have now 2 different Netvibes pages open :(

Just for that, the Add2Netvibes extension is worthwhile installing !

To be able to use them, it is better to have already opened your Netvibes before.

NetEx Rating: 5*/5

A good and simple extension, only for FireFox, that works better with Ginger (but everybody will be upgraded to it).

The only problem I see, is not related to the extension but to the fact that the Activities of my netvibes page will no doubt increase with it but without a proper backup and a proper search for them.

If I have to look through my activities hour by hour because I do not recall the precise title I am looking for that will be a huge problem for me.

This search and backup of Activities should to be solved as soon as possible... perhaps with the personal Drive ?


Firefox extension

1 - Install the extension

Install Add2Netvibes v0.8.0 (works from Firefox 1.5 to Firefox 3)

If you see this message at the top of the page, click "Edit Options", "Allow", "Close", and click the install link again.

2 - Restart Mozilla Firefox

Once the extension is validated and installed in Firefox, you must restart the browser in order to finish the installation, and use the extension. After the restart, you will see a new button in your toolbar. Ginger users will also see an additional button to star any page!

It will be added in Link Widget in my REAL ESSENTIAL WIDGETS (and extensions) in my Universe.

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