Netvibes will be off-line for Maintenance next Wednesday 23rd of April at 4am UTC

Netvibes blog has announced, this time in advance, that the site will be off-line for an unknown, hope short, period of time.

That major maintenance upgrading will be made next week at the following times:

Wednesday 23rd of April at 4am UTC click here for your local time

that translates as:

for US WestCoast: Tuesday 22nd at 9.00 pm PST

For LONDON: Wednesday 23 at 5.00 am

For PARIS/ROME: Wednesday 23 at 6.00 am

for MOSCOW: Wednesday 23 at 8.00 am

for NEW DELHI: Wednesday 23 at 9.30 am

for BEIJING: Wednesday 23 at 12.00 am

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