Tariq Krim Netvibes' CEO announces improvements and offers apologies

"First and foremost, please accept our apologies for the downtime following netvibes' major architecture upgrade."

With these words, finaly, Tariq Krim, Ceo and founder of Netvibes of Netvibes, announces the end of the "Spring Up-grade" (not for all) and, more important, the changes that are coming.

Here is the list:

1) Every Netvibes page will be moved on Ginger (first to migrate, the most frequently used). That is cool as I will be able to invite "real friends" that are not techie ;)

2) No obligation to create a public netvibes (or universe): you can activate it anytime later.

3) Wider Localization: the new CDN has improved dramatically both in speed and acceleration worldwide (USA, Europe, China, Africa, South America) with more than 140 countries. But content is not already following

4) A new Corporate Web site for Netvibes is announced.
My guess: http://corporate.netvibes.com

5) a lot of other new services and widgets will be presented soon.

Well, better late than never !

PS: I have lost all my Friends and Activities ... but I am sure they will come back :)


Franck said...

Friends and Activities aren't lost... it's a topic which is adressed in the blog post "In the interim and due to the volume of Users to be migrated, we had to shut down the server and temporarily disable the friend features. Do not despair, they will be online again soon"
No worries...

NetEx said...

Thanks Franck,

I know That they are not lost for ever... I was hoping to know when they will come back...
Probably end of the week-end ?

Anonymous said...

Bad guess for the coporate website :p I have found the address : about.netvibes.com :D

NetEx said...

Thanks anonymous !

I have made a new post with it ;)